Summer Spoilers

Summer is the time of year I get spoiled with fresh, great tasting food. These beautiful Spagetti squash came from my daughter’s garden. The smell as they bake is so inviting. I can hardly wait to have my spaghetti squash casserole slide over my taste buds and arrive on my stomach. Last night I blanched n froze ten quarts of fresh strong beans she gave me. I also pigged out on fresh cukes n tomatoes she shared. I definitely am a spoiled Grandma who so loves summer spoils from the garden. Nothing says loving like something from the oven. Thank God he gave us a cool summer evening so my oven was bearable. Here is hoping you all have a family member with a beautiful garden.

Cee’s Photo Challenge-Woods

This photo came from a friend who shoots wildlife with her camera in her yard.  I wish I had the time to catch more wildlife as the woods are all around us.  We are privlidged to live in their habitat and they share it with us.  Being a good steward of their resources and respecting their space is a must.  

We all need to learn to not take the woods for granted.  God gave us these resources to live in harmony.  In order to leave enough resources for our grandchildren we must teach them respect and caring for all creatures.

A Photo a week Challenge: Edge

The garden’s edge is full of surprises each year.  This photo I took at the edge of my Daughter’s garden.  She had a couple surprise sunflowers reach out from the edge to shine.  At the end if the season there is still beauty n wonderful seeds for next year.  

This year at the edge of my flower garden grows some corn.  I had to leave it there for my own pleasure n surprise.  God gives us gifts, we just need to accept, nourish n enjoy them.  Please enjoy my photo on the edge n look for your gifts to share.

Summer Art

In my travels I love to see the beauty that different areas make into art.  Lately I have been into looking at things made from old vintage part including car parts.  The ingenuity of those who can see the vision in it’s final form have great imagination.  On my recent visit to Myrtle Beach to visit my best friend, I wandered into a second hand store while I waited on her to finish her doctor’s visit next door.  It was a beautiful summer day for June and the outside displays called me in.

Prior to going in I snapped a few pictures of the great art I saw outside.  There were actually two of these that caught my eye but this one in particular was appealing as it had many attachments.  I snapped a picture and verified with the owner it was alright to photograph and sent it off to my daughter who loves to make some of these different items and use them for Christmas Presents!!  Since they caught my eye I thought I would give her some ideas that I liked.  Kudos to the artist with the odd point of view.

So for Cee’s odd ball challenge I would like to enter how a traveler from Pennsylvania found a different type of art appealing that others might think odd.

Vacation time. 

Summertime and the living is easy….or it will be once you get away and leave your real life behind.  The south has a way of slowing you down so you can unwind, taste the lemonade and soak up the sun.  I know That I for one am soooo ready to take a trip down memory lane.  I was born in the south but spent many of my years in the north.  I go back to visit and find myself having memories flood back in sights, sounds and smells.  Long term memories are always with us and as a child my family traveled around with my father who was in the military.  The southin the. 1960’s was a step back in time.  Such a different culture from the stuffy north.  I am so ready to go back n visit my roots again.  I will bring back some more memories to share.

Nurses Day

Nursing is a profession that has been challenging minds to help those in need.  It will require you to use your mind and heart to share every ounce of strength you have during your watch.  You then go home where you begin to dissect your day to figure out how you can do better for your patients tomorrow.  

Your days are full of learning, growing and repeating teachings to every patient as you attempt to make a difference in their lives.  You also learn to comfort those who face losses or you grieve with them.  God bless all who accept the challenge of nursing.