Vacation time. 

Summertime and the living is easy….or it will be once you get away and leave your real life behind.  The south has a way of slowing you down so you can unwind, taste the lemonade and soak up the sun.  I know That I for one am soooo ready to take a trip down memory lane.  I was born in the south but spent many of my years in the north.  I go back to visit and find myself having memories flood back in sights, sounds and smells.  Long term memories are always with us and as a child my family traveled around with my father who was in the military.  The southin the. 1960’s was a step back in time.  Such a different culture from the stuffy north.  I am so ready to go back n visit my roots again.  I will bring back some more memories to share.


Nurses Day

Nursing is a profession that has been challenging minds to help those in need.  It will require you to use your mind and heart to share every ounce of strength you have during your watch.  You then go home where you begin to dissect your day to figure out how you can do better for your patients tomorrow.  

Your days are full of learning, growing and repeating teachings to every patient as you attempt to make a difference in their lives.  You also learn to comfort those who face losses or you grieve with them.  God bless all who accept the challenge of nursing.