Summer Art

In my travels I love to see the beauty that different areas make into art.  Lately I have been into looking at things made from old vintage part including car parts.  The ingenuity of those who can see the vision in it’s final form have great imagination.  On my recent visit to Myrtle Beach to visit my best friend, I wandered into a second hand store while I waited on her to finish her doctor’s visit next door.  It was a beautiful summer day for June and the outside displays called me in.

Prior to going in I snapped a few pictures of the great art I saw outside.  There were actually two of these that caught my eye but this one in particular was appealing as it had many attachments.  I snapped a picture and verified with the owner it was alright to photograph and sent it off to my daughter who loves to make some of these different items and use them for Christmas Presents!!  Since they caught my eye I thought I would give her some ideas that I liked.  Kudos to the artist with the odd point of view.

So for Cee’s odd ball challenge I would like to enter how a traveler from Pennsylvania found a different type of art appealing that others might think odd.


Waiting 4 my blooms


Waiting for my Rhodie to bloom brings me back to this picture from my front door.  They are calling for snow today which seems will delay my beautiful flowers even longer.  I wish I could tell Mother Nature to bring on Spring and my flowers. 

Lucky Leprechaun

I was given this beautiful lucky leprechaun plant by my former boss when she retired.  It had brought her good luck and for over a year it continued to bloom and bask in the sunlight year round.  Now my office no longer has a window and so I was forced to move it to another room at work.  It is not so lucky where it currently get ignored.  You can tell the difference in plants, people, and animals when they are tended to with TLC.

I miss the little leprechaun that used to remind me that my plant needed watered so that the beautiful white blooms would remind me that it is spring and March brings leprechaun’s.  I’ve yet to catch one so that I can be the lucky one in the field treasures but I can say with certainty that I am lucky to have my job and enjoy the simple things.  If you have a secret how to catch a leprechaun, I am all ears.  Even though I watch for rainbows, they seem to escape right by me.  I so miss this window and my reminder that spring is here anew.

Keeping with the Irish tradition I wish to say that the blarney stone needs kissing and the four leaf clovers are hard to find.  So get out your green, wear it proudly, unless you are orange Irish, and find your own 4 leaf clover.  Make sure to embrace the chase of the leprechaun and the leaf counting.  When you get a four leaf clover, pick it, and buy yourself a lottery ticket everyday for 7 days.  Especially this time of year as the rainbows and clover will soon be in bloom.  Happy St. Patrick’s day and remember, if you catch that leprechaun, tell him to bring back my window.