Shades of yellow


I took a photography class for beginners and learned what the different settings on my camera would produce.  I guess old farts can learn new tricks.  Years ago I would not have realized the beauty in this picture.  Today it makes me smile and not take learning something new for granted. 
Kinda like the new language my grandkids use to text today or even new slang.  If your mind is lost to wandering instead of learning memory declines.  If your mind is still learning you are forever young.   Life is an adventure with time to finally do and learn things that interest you.  I am so glad to not be afraid to ask the younger generation to teach me. 
Reach out and explore, find new adventures, slow down and keep learning or stretching your mind. 


Can you see me now?

Spring brings renewal of life all around us.  We see signs of new life everywhere we look.  From our trees, flowers and even in the tiny bird nests that get built.  I spotted a new arrival on one of my walks that reminded me that every living thing brings new life in the spring.  I saw three little kittens that at first only saw each other and were playing with each other in the warm sunshine.  Once I turned on my camera and it made a sound they all ran behind the rocks and after a few minutes this little century came out to see if the danger had passed.

I was not sure I got the shot of him as I no sooner clicked my camera and he ran again.  It was not until I downloaded my pictures that I realized I did indeed catch a perfect glimpse of that little face peeking out from the rocks.  He is the color of a shadow and unless you look hard you might miss him.  The mother cat was not far away and even though the little ones made no sound she came over and gave me the evil eye for even looking at those cute little balls of fur.

Next time I see a shadow I will again attempt to see if it is a photo opportunity to say, “Can you see me now?”