Play Ball!!

It is almost that time again where the players who have gone south for camp to practice baseball will soon begin playing.  It is no different for our local girls softball team.  They have been practicing for a while inside of a gym while the cold, snowy weather made it seem like the season would never begin.  You have been working on all your skills and honing your pitching.  You have become more confident, a team player and a good sport.  You keep a cool head when the playing gets heated.

Just think how it is going to feel in another week when you get to have that first outside game.  Today would have been warm enough but the wet muddy ground might have reeked havoc.  Keep building those guns and working on your accuracy.  Each year I see how much you have improved in skill and teamwork.  All of these qualities will prepare you for your future.  While the softball you play is a much more organized machine than when I was growing up, the lessons I learned have helped me in my career.

I for one am looking forward to coming and watching your games, my granddaughter.  Enjoy your season as you only have this year and next year before you fly out on your own.  Take the time to make as many memories as you can store for this time is fleeting.  I was looking at your pictures when you were little and I can’t believe how quickly this day has arrived.  Keep up the good work, we are so proud of the young lady you have become.  Meme