Can you see me now?

Spring brings renewal of life all around us.  We see signs of new life everywhere we look.  From our trees, flowers and even in the tiny bird nests that get built.  I spotted a new arrival on one of my walks that reminded me that every living thing brings new life in the spring.  I saw three little kittens that at first only saw each other and were playing with each other in the warm sunshine.  Once I turned on my camera and it made a sound they all ran behind the rocks and after a few minutes this little century came out to see if the danger had passed.

I was not sure I got the shot of him as I no sooner clicked my camera and he ran again.  It was not until I downloaded my pictures that I realized I did indeed catch a perfect glimpse of that little face peeking out from the rocks.  He is the color of a shadow and unless you look hard you might miss him.  The mother cat was not far away and even though the little ones made no sound she came over and gave me the evil eye for even looking at those cute little balls of fur.

Next time I see a shadow I will again attempt to see if it is a photo opportunity to say, “Can you see me now?”


Amazing Sky

Tonight was an evening of some amazing sights and color in the skies over my house.  It changed so much over the last hour of daylight that I could not help but take some pics.  This was just one of them to the east.  The ones I saw to the west were more orange but to the east had more pink.  I am not sure if the grey background had anything to do with the reflections of the sun as it set but the clouds hung so low you felt you could reach up and touch them.  This one is my favorite but there are plenty of others that caught my eye.  I think having this sky framed by our trees just coming into bloom shows all the beauty that God sends down to us so we know that there is a rebirth.  An awakening that miracles are all around and life is constantly changing just like the sky.

How we choose to appreciate all the colors and shapes are for our eyes and minds to imagine.  We can see peace or we can see turmoil in these clouds. I see beauty that is fighting over the change.  Even though the old saying is pink sky at night sailors delight there seems to be an air of turmoil.  Yet the trees are quiet and still in the foreground.  I see openings for change and peace toward the top but near the ground the change is more complex and busy.

So glad to have been out this evening to enjoy the changes regardless of the cool air that was here.  Spring is here and the change over to warmth will come, and these clouds say it is trying to push it’s way north.  We are just seeing our spring flowers begin to bloom.  Bring on the Spring warmth for all to see the hope in the sky and all around.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge-Curtain clouds

I guess unless you study meteorology you really don’t pay much attention to the clouds.  One morning on my way to work I noticed that the clouds had a scalloped edge almost like a curtain being pulled down over the horizon.  I had to get a picture as the scallops were so evenly spaced I was not sure I could describe it to others.   I am sure this is not the first time this was noticed and perhaps curtains or shades are patterned after this look.  It reminded me of someone lifting the curtain on winter to let in the sunlight.  As you notice in the picture, there are no leaves on the trees and we are facing winter.  I so much wanted to go down the road to spring and see this as a light at the end of the tunnel.  It could also be seen in the negative as the summer is closing behind us and we must face the gray of winter.

Life is like this as well we can see everything as a positive or a negative.  At the end of the day it still begs the question, “Which way do I really want to go?”  As for me I would like to run from these northeast winters and become a snow bird that goes to warmer weather as the shade comes down in the fall and leads us into winter.  Others see the road as leading to winter sports, fun in the snow and sled riding.

After this last winter and me facing the winter of my life, I much prefer to head into the sun.  Country roads, take to where it is warmer and keep the shade up to lead the way.  Life has different criteria as we age so we all must decide for ourselves how to live with the choices we make.  Send me the sun.

Week 12 Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

I am on the same wave length as Cee this week.  I see she posted a tree growing out of a fence.  I too share her curiosity with fences.  This one caught my eye as the signage on it made no sense to me.  It gave me reason to pause and chuckle as I read the sign saying Entrance only….Do not Enter!  It seems to be on the wrong side of the gate as I was inside a courtyard of a restaurant when I took this picture and the alley way is on the other side.  I am sure it was to keep the guests inside of the protected areas but  the two signs together are very confusing.  I guess this one can be chalked up to perception.

It was only after looking through the fence that I realized there was an alley behind the building where patrons were not to go.  Why I took the picture is probably because of the sign. Otherwise it is a rather dull gate meant to hide the view from the people visiting the restaurant.  I truly would be concerned if this was the delivery gait and this was in some parts of America.  I am sure it would not take some long to break it down.  I guess in this sleepy little town, the people must trust one another to honor the property of others as this gate looks old and weathered as if it has been there quite some time.

Kudos to the ambiance of this place and the residence of this area for watching out for each other.  I miss the fact that years ago this is all that would have been necessary to keep others out.  I find it amazing that this was still working in the year 2012.

Double take: Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #9

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.  I did a double take one day when I went to visit a woman who lived in a mid sized town and came upon her fence she had hand painted.  If it weren’t for the border you might think it was real as the tree was growing up literally around it.  The Holsteins look so real at first I thought she lived on the edge of town but in reality this was just the yard next to her house and another house was just adjacent.

She told me she grew up on a farm when she was young, “and they were the best years of her life.”  She told me she did not study art, painting or drawing and did not begin that until she was in her late 60’s.  She had not only painted the fence on her property but the shed door, and the outside of her back porch wall.  She said it helped her channel her worries and gave her purpose.  I guess we all need a purpose at every point in our lives.

What makes you get up each day and face another day?  What purpose does God have for you here on this earth.  I pray each night he show me my purpose.  I find that sharing my knowledge and taking care of people is my passion and God has blessed me in that even though I am really close to retirement age, I have been able to change careers and use my previous knowledge to benefit many.

So this double take shows the cow on the left with a puzzled look on it’s face as if to say, “what is your purpose here?”  She definitely has captured my eye with her creations.  Kudos to all the people out there that find a purpose in life, be it sharing your stories or you are work.  You never know how it will make someone’s day.