Dragon Races

One of my favorite days spent on a park bench was in Burlington Vermont when I got to watch the Dragon Races.  It was fun to watch the teams of people dressed in different costumes and matching t-shirts share their zest for life as they raised money to help fight breast cancer.  It was the most unique ways of raising money that kept me on the edge of my seat, bench if you will.  This beautiful waters edge was off Lake George  and there was no lack of enthusiasm as the wind gusted and the teams shined in the sun.  There was plenty to watch and one could sit there all day and not be bored.  It was hard to pull myself away from the waters edge. If I lived in this town I would certainly want to bring people to observe not only the beautiful waters edge but the quaint little town so full of life.  Eclectic and alive with college students, Ben and Jerry’s are a must visit.

As for my home town my favorite bench is at World’s End state Park in Forksville, Pa.  It is a different type of water view but one not to be missed if you ever visit me in my home town near there.  I love to take friend and visitors to see the natural wonders and hike the mountains.  There is a must see as every year at the fair grounds the Northeastern Indian tribes meet for a Pow Wow.  Some of the most unique shopping to be sure.  It reminds me of my favorite place to shop and that is in Cancun Mexico as I love to barter.  Must be the Indian in me.

I am most grateful that last week I had no travel plans as I was under the weather but I am so grateful to be on the mend.  I look forward to going back to work this week and helping people which is what I do best.  Cee, I would go watch surgery in a heartbeat and would pick one I have never seen but have experienced first hand and that is thumb arthroplasty.  I have had one myself on a Friday and amazingly went back to work on Monday the following week.  You see while others shy away from this questions my love for nursing and medicine are always wanting to learn more.  Thanks for allowing me to share my world.  As a retired NP, I miss the excitement of floor nursing but must say that I still have plenty of adventure to keep me happy. Still doing what nurses do best, helping people.