Cee’s Which way challenge – Country roads!

Country roads have their share of signs.  In this photo I took last fall each corner we turned had more signs.  This picture shows how easy the little green signs that mark roads blend in during the summer and the lush green.  You still need to look real close to see the speed limit and the route signs.  So the real question, which way did she go?  Was the pull of the twisty road calling or the dirt road that leads to some more secluded place like a cabin call to you?  Either way the sunshine this time of year with our frigid cold makes the fall look like a welcome relief to the drab we currently must face.

This picture also reminds me of the endless traveling I have been doing lately that seems to never end.  I would certainly rather be here writing about it than traveling these roads snow covered and icy.  As I get older the cold realities of winter seem to get longer and longer even though we are in the shortest month of the year.