Windows of time

Today I have. Celebrated my 44th wedding anniversary with my childhood sweetheart.  The time from 1973 to now seems to have flown out the windows.  We found that there is no way to stop time from marching on.  Our minds tell us we are still able to do things our bodies say no way.  Staying up with changes seems daunting and impossible.  Time seems to go faster with each passing year yet in our minds we are still young.

We still love one another but that love is shown differently.   Little things mean more and caring and sharing is more important.  We are struggling trying to move into retirement.  It appears that life is forcing us to kdeep us going.  Love keeps us encouraging each other even when our bodies can’t.  Just to have him hold me brings such joy n comfort.God’s design is perfect.  Enjoying the journey together as one.  


Summer Spoilers

Summer is the time of year I get spoiled with fresh, great tasting food. These beautiful Spagetti squash came from my daughter’s garden. The smell as they bake is so inviting. I can hardly wait to have my spaghetti squash casserole slide over my taste buds and arrive on my stomach. Last night I blanched n froze ten quarts of fresh strong beans she gave me. I also pigged out on fresh cukes n tomatoes she shared. I definitely am a spoiled Grandma who so loves summer spoils from the garden. Nothing says loving like something from the oven. Thank God he gave us a cool summer evening so my oven was bearable. Here is hoping you all have a family member with a beautiful garden.