Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, Heavy Traffic

While I was laid up having knee surgery I watched out my window at the wildlife that passed by.  Since I work most daylight hours I never knew how much local traffic went by my house each day.  I got my camera out to take a few shots of some local traffic passing by.  They seemed to hesitate when they got to this red sign as if to ask each other, “can anyone read that red sign?”  They did the dance of moving forward only to dance back again as a car passed.  Not wanting to see them injured, I cringed every time they were about to cross and ended up doing the two step backwards.

They finally solved the issue and took flight to cross this busy road.  I still got to enjoy them for a short time and was happy to have my camera close by.  At first I was not sure where I would use this picture of the feathered dancers but later decided it belonged in Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.  Unless you are from the country and enjoy hunting, you probably would not appreciate this picture as much as we do.  There were actually ten of these grouse waddling up the road and I actually have several pictures of them not just one.  Guess I was click happy.  🙂