The Truth and the Light

Easter weekend  came early this year and with it came the cold and snow flurries that whitened the ground for a while this morning.  It is a time to reflect on what sacrifices we are grateful to have received.  It is a time for family and friends to reflect and share love for one another.  This time of year brings beautiful  signs everywhere that the promise is fulfilled.  This is true of the picture I chose as it reminds me that even though the cold and snow have not left they bring new life to our barren land.  It replenishes the water table and soon the spring warmth and flowers will begin to pop up.

I did notice this weekend that a few trees have buds on them so spring is on the way.  It is the time of year I remember that my mother used to make us new Easter dresses for church but some years we had to put our winter coats over her beautiful creations.  Like a stone rolled over a tomb or the sun hidden behind the clouds.  Hope will spring eternal and the spring will blossom into summer.

The beautiful colors of the sky tell me that there is a risen savior and he lives.  He shines his face upon us and gives us peace.  Just like the colors of spring flowers the yellow and blue hues push out the grey and will once again reign.  His beauty is everywhere should we choose to see it.  I chose to photograph it, share it and enjoy another wonderful Easter.  Keep looking up so that you too can see the beauty before you.