Shades of yellow


I took a photography class for beginners and learned what the different settings on my camera would produce.  I guess old farts can learn new tricks.  Years ago I would not have realized the beauty in this picture.  Today it makes me smile and not take learning something new for granted. 
Kinda like the new language my grandkids use to text today or even new slang.  If your mind is lost to wandering instead of learning memory declines.  If your mind is still learning you are forever young.   Life is an adventure with time to finally do and learn things that interest you.  I am so glad to not be afraid to ask the younger generation to teach me. 
Reach out and explore, find new adventures, slow down and keep learning or stretching your mind. 


Lady and Sadie

Basking in a small stream of sunlight are my dog and one of my Grand-dogs.  Almost like grandchildren except they don’t need a their mothers as much. Lady is quite a bit older than Sadie but she loves to have all the Grand-dogs visit.  It keeps her young as she tries to keep up until  she runs out of gas and takes a siesta.  Lady is a cross between a lab and a chow and one of the best rescue dogs I have found. Sadie is a cross between a beagle and a shiatsu and came to our family from a local breeder.  She has the cutest little goatee and frequently needs her hair trimmed out of her eyes but is such a little sweetie.  Lady must really be worn out as usually she runs when I get out the camera. I see here ears are up so I know that my snap does not go UN-noticed.

Lady is a rescue dog that now has the life of Rylie in which she is the queen of the castle.  Rylie is Sadie’s companion where she lives and they frequently find things to get into as a team.  There is no shortage of hair balls and fuzzballs where we live.  Literally as you can see by the beautiful coats these two are sporting.  It is great to see these girls enjoying the great things a beautiful spring day have to offer.  At least they have not been rolling in the mud.  Probably because there is still so much snow. I don’t think I will let them out to explore as I may be giving them another bath.

My only regret is that they don’t live as long as humans.  I swore I would never have another dog when Lady came into my life.  My oldest daughter and her two children took me to the pound as they felt I needed a dog for security and because I had to put my last dog down from a brain tumor.  Yes animals get the same malady’s as us human beings.  It is hard to outlive our best friends that offer such unconditional love and fun.  I think God sends us these four legged companions to help us relate to our inner selves.  When our kids have left the nest they sure take on a part of your heart that needs to feel needed.  Thanks Lady and Sadie for posing for this old lady who really enjoys your company.