Flowers give us the beauty of color and enjoyment of smell as we inhale their wonderful fragrance.  I have been astounded by the colors that are possible by just adding colored water to a white plant.  This bouquet is the essence of different colors.  I took this close up to discuss perspective.  The entire bouquet is made up of single flowers each unique it it’s own design. People are unique not only in design, likeness, abilities, mood, personality, health and illness but in our perspectives.  As in the flower people do not last forever.  We bloom and flourish for a while and then we begin to fade.

Having beauty is subjective just as having and illness  is a subjective experience.  Experiencing disease is like experiencing a plant that gets blight except humans can process the suffering from an illness and  define the symptoms they are experiencing.  It is the degree of the symptoms impact on the person as the medical community is not able to objectively  define the boundaries between normal variant or the cause of the symptoms.  Humans are more than their symptoms and experiences just as the flower is more than the colors, smells and life cycle.

Since there are seasons to life and change is inevitable,we must learn to keep our perspectives in the present.  Worry ages us fast and just living in the moment gives us time to shine for what this moment is.  Worry brings our moods down and depression can be the result.  Much like the flower experiencing low water it can hasten our decline if not treated as important.  We are all important and must learn to reach for help at times to keep our perspectives in line.  Know that asking for help is not a weakness it is like asking for water to a flower.  In order to bloom and thrive we must reach out for help.

Depression is an illness that we as humans fail to recognize as important.  We downplay the facts and shy away from the diagnosis due to the stigma of “what will people think of me.”  There are medical illnesses that can cause depression and by treating them many times the depression lifts.  Just like the wilting flower lifts after we give it water.  Since we can’t take the brain from the human, we must consider depression as a symptom that is treatable.  Having this perspective on depression and other mental illnesses helps the medical community to reach people, whose perspective is off, to obtain treatment.  My perspective is to give others hope that people care about them, want to encourage them to stick with treatment and raise them up at each change that is reached.

Like the flowers, enjoying life and others who bring color to our world is only through education, acceptance and caring.



Flashback to a simpler time in life to the year 1965….50 years ago when life had much less complication and stress.  My family unit consisted of six and the potential in the faces of the children was only matched by our innocence.  We began a journey that led us through the country following our parents as we moved with Dad’s military career.  None of us knew what the years would bring and for one moment frozen in time a photographer helped us to capture life in the 1960’s when we knew we were loved.  Little did we know where our paths would lead and the strength we would find along the way.  This last week my mother turned 81 and I see the light in her eyes begin to fade.  She dreams of my father who has long gone before her.  Even thought she continues to guide us and be there for us, time has changed her outlook on what is left of life.  Her words of wisdom ring in my ears and I spend as much time as possible with her to share her stories again and again.  I want to store each memory of her to freeze it in my brain like the picture.  It makes me smile when my mother tells it like she sees it.

Now I see my own children in a picture just like the one from 1965 but with their own families.  I think about what trials they must live through.  The family time is such an important time in life yet I see the wisdom my parents shared being passed down through generations.  The love, encouragement, joy and hard work continue but in a far different world.  Simpler time?  Not really, and until we can put others needs before our own like the ones a mother does for her children, we will not solve the true needs of the world. Hate will continue to multiply and grow like wildfire.  Don’t be afraid to hug your children, elderly, loved ones and friends.  It is only through sharing your faith and love that we can help our children change the world.   Our choices do matter and make a difference.  Choose to be a role model, share your values, talk to your children, hug your family tight.  Love them to the moon and back for love will conquer over hate if we dare to share the memories we all hold so dear.

Whether or Weather

Whether we choose to be affected by the weather depends a great deal on where we glean our perspectives.  Reality shows bring us life in Alaska or the desert or the ocean.  Many of us never get to go far from home and so the day to day drudgery of winter wears on those of us in the northeast.  I watch the weather forecast tell me that we are in for 8-12 inches of snow by morning and my joints tell me it is coming before it even drops a flake.

It begins at first as a fine mist almost rain like and then the white dots begin to appear.  It is fine droplets at first and then picks up in intensity and begins to blanket the ground with a fresh outlook.  Hour by hour goes by and I see outside my window the areas where my flowers bloomed covered in total white.  Knowing we are probably not going to get to work tomorrow I watch as my family gets out the snow machines in anticipation of fun rides on the mountains nearby.

As I get older I recall all the fun times I got out and did the very same things, snow angels, preparing for a fun day off to play in the snow and barely sleeping in anticipation of flying across the fields with the wind and cold.  Now my arthritic hands don’t work very well and my bones tell me it is time to watch from the window as my grandchildren do those very same things I used to do.  When they ask me to join them I fear going out and breaking something instead of havng the bravado of not caring and come what may.

So whether you choose to participate in the weather at large or watch from afar, life’s perspectives change over time and circumstances.  My heart says I am still twenty but my body says “oh no you are not!”

Odd Ball Challenge: 2015 Week #3 challenge.

Life would be dull without a few oddball moments.  Humor helps us all to enjoy the things in life that are mundane.  It is so much better to be involved in your teenagers life and pay attention to the things they are doing.  A great parent knows the types of music, friends, activities their teen is involved in and helps them to sort out the good from the not so good for them.  I must have raised my children right because they are the type of parents who care and are involved.  Showing he is paying attention is my son-in law as he signs along with our granddaughter as she takes a selfie.

I applaud your odd-ball behavior and say way to go Dad.



Friends from the heart.

Friends make us laugh until we cry and can raise our spirits like a kite on a windy day.  Two such friends come to mind that have done this for me.  I began this journey when I met a woman who shared her story with me about her life.  She was very genuine and honest in what she saw was a life in limbo.  Fast forward to years later and her life did change and turn around and she blossomed like a flower when she got back to her roots and closed a circle she had left undone years before.  This circle gave her light to her eyes and a smile on her heart.  It was of course and old flame from her school years who took her heart to new heights.

It is such fun to enjoy chatting, sharing and caring how things are going and before you know it, life keeps you so busy you drift from what fun there was.  Only to bring you back with a slap.  Not only is my friend sad again but that terrible sentence that health reasons for her and the love of her life are not good.  I went back to reconnect and find that life has beaten them both down.  Oh, they smile and make conversation but are fearful of letting any feelings in their hearts.  My heart breaks watching them struggle since the sunshine that once surrounded their souls is gone.  The grieving has begun in anticipation that one day it will be gone is coming too fast.

I have seen this all before in the patient’s I have cared for yet this time I question my faith.  I ask God “Why is this happening?”  They are such great people, friends, advocates of others and hard working.  How can things end like this by taking away all that was good, true and full of life.  I find myself closing off a room in my heart to keep memories dear.  Am I closing off that part to God because I don’t understand what journey he has for my friends?  Am I just angry that he is taking them so soon.  And now the guilt of why them and not others who don’t try to do his work.  My bible tells me to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.”  I have to lean on you now God to comfort me…help me as I walk to the end with my friends.  Help me keep a clear head and heart so I can enjoy what time is left.