Shine on me

As evening shadows set around me the light through the open door remind me of God’s grace and guidance.  He shines a light for our path and we must make a decision.  Do we take the lighted path or will we go our own way?
When Jesus said come to me, he offered us salvation and mercy.  God has tried to teach us he is in control and we must listen, learn and be thankful.  We learn to be faithful workers in God’s service.  To follow the path he has planned for us we learn patience.
As I age I find myself pondering where I am in God’s plan.  Am I following his light and plan.  I have worked in service most of my life and find it was his calling that helped me get back on his plan after some wrong turns, doubts and fears.  I have found that in the quiet of the evening I hear him speaking to me.  As in this picture, he was calling me to focus on the light not the tiny details.  I needed to trust in his plan and stop fretting and feeling all alone in the dark. 
We are never alone and only have to ask him to show us his will. 
I still am amazed at how messages reach me through these pictures I have taken.  I am grateful for the light and the guidance.



Upside down

Tonight as I sat watching my granddaughter sing in her chorale concert I learned that her school is doing away with their music program.  Teachers have not been paid in a month and our governor refuses to pass a budget so schools can pay their bills. 
I personally feel young minds need structure n learning to help them focus. 
I also think that Americans need to take back control when politicians who make bad choices and hold our children hostage.  There is no shame in politics today and no honor.  I am sure our governor is getting his paycheck unlike our teachers who are suffering at the hands of a dictator.  I have hated politics most of my life but you are messing with our grand children’s education that we have worked long and hard to pay for with our taxes. 
People of Pennsylvania unite and spread the word about being held hostage by our governor.  Tell anyone and everyone until he is impeached or resigns.  If any one of us did what he is doing to our children and others in his way, we would be fired.  Help get our children’s education back.