Fall fences

I want to freeze time to the fall in the northeast.  The temperature is moderate and the sunflowers seem to pop up everywhere.  My neighbor always has great ones that rise from her bird feeder and get dropped in her yard.  I captured her view from the road one day of her bright yellow faces searching for the sun.  With the background of old fashioned fences the view is like a postcard.

The flowers are like fading friendships as we grow older.  As I said goodbye to an old friend this week, I realize that our friendships are like these beautiful sunflowers reaching for the sun.  Our limited time gives us the opportunity to tell each other how much we enjoy their company and to make the most of the time by spending it together while the sun is still with us.  Taking the time to take a picture along the way for when we need to revisit a great memory in our life.

Take the time to visit friends often, tell them how much they mean to you and take a picture or two.  We never know when it will be our last visit making that memory that much more precious.  Now my friend is free to fly by in the fall and I will recall a time before we knew just how short our time together would be.