Cee’s Which Way Challenge-Curtain clouds

I guess unless you study meteorology you really don’t pay much attention to the clouds.  One morning on my way to work I noticed that the clouds had a scalloped edge almost like a curtain being pulled down over the horizon.  I had to get a picture as the scallops were so evenly spaced I was not sure I could describe it to others.   I am sure this is not the first time this was noticed and perhaps curtains or shades are patterned after this look.  It reminded me of someone lifting the curtain on winter to let in the sunlight.  As you notice in the picture, there are no leaves on the trees and we are facing winter.  I so much wanted to go down the road to spring and see this as a light at the end of the tunnel.  It could also be seen in the negative as the summer is closing behind us and we must face the gray of winter.

Life is like this as well we can see everything as a positive or a negative.  At the end of the day it still begs the question, “Which way do I really want to go?”  As for me I would like to run from these northeast winters and become a snow bird that goes to warmer weather as the shade comes down in the fall and leads us into winter.  Others see the road as leading to winter sports, fun in the snow and sled riding.

After this last winter and me facing the winter of my life, I much prefer to head into the sun.  Country roads, take to where it is warmer and keep the shade up to lead the way.  Life has different criteria as we age so we all must decide for ourselves how to live with the choices we make.  Send me the sun.


Cee’s Which way challenge – Country roads!

Country roads have their share of signs.  In this photo I took last fall each corner we turned had more signs.  This picture shows how easy the little green signs that mark roads blend in during the summer and the lush green.  You still need to look real close to see the speed limit and the route signs.  So the real question, which way did she go?  Was the pull of the twisty road calling or the dirt road that leads to some more secluded place like a cabin call to you?  Either way the sunshine this time of year with our frigid cold makes the fall look like a welcome relief to the drab we currently must face.

This picture also reminds me of the endless traveling I have been doing lately that seems to never end.  I would certainly rather be here writing about it than traveling these roads snow covered and icy.  As I get older the cold realities of winter seem to get longer and longer even though we are in the shortest month of the year.