Amafali Coast, Italy

Being very tired of the coldest winter in our part of the country since 1934, I found myself flipping through the pictures I took of the coastline in Italy.  We were on a boat looking at this beautiful coastline built into a cliff.  The greenery below the houses looked like gardens yet when we got closer we could see the lemons hanging like grapefruit from the trees of green.  As we got to the town of Amafali we saw these lemons up close and the color very much resembled the color of the buildings on this coastline.  I have never in my lifetime seen lemons as large as these were and found myself picking them up and smelling them. They even make wine out of them called Limoncella?sp.  It reminded me of an old movie I watched on the television made in the fifties that did not do this coastline or the quaint village justice.  The Limoncella however lived up to it’s name and was a mixture of the sweet and tart as if it were made of other fruit.

This was truly one place I could see myself going back to visit and do more exploring.  The time we had there was way too short but I hear it calling my name to come back and enjoy the warmth, slow pace and people of Italy.  After we left Amafali we went to the city of Pompei and walked in the warm summer sun of August.  It filled your bones with the heat that only a beautiful summer day can.  Getting lost in these pictures reminded me the cold can’t last forever and will break soon.  I sure could use some of that Limoncella to warm me from the inside out…….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.