Getting Healthy


Getting healthy

Life seems to stand still when you have medical issues.  You find yourself depressed and withdrawing.  It is a struggle to get through each day.  When you finally get help and are on the mend, each day has hope.  Your thoughts turn to getting life back that was lost.
  Stepping outside your comfort zone to find your way came for me in getting healthy.  Having someone to lead me, coach n encourage and be accountable to was my ticket.  I began late January and by June have followed a plan with great results.  Goodbye unwanted 45 pounds.
I found my healthy and am ready 4 summer fun.  Now even with my sedentary job, I can get back to healthy.  Life is good again……ready, set,….go.




Watching your grandchildren blossom is a blessing like no other.  Holding them when they are first born makes you realize that love is not enough to describe the feelings you experience.  Following their milestones, being there when they fall and allowing them to pick themselves up is how we grandparents teach them because we know they can.  Recently my first grandchild realized she is at the “end” of her high school career.  She is feeling nostalgia about seeing all this end because the future is uncertain.  While we have no doubt she will do great things with her life, she remains unsure. 
I can recall those feelings of excitement and fear mixed together like a knot in my stomach.  Taking one day at a time to enjoy life as it comes is good advise but it is not until you wake one day to realize those days have slipped by.  They may have been fleeting but are there to enjoy in your memories.
Go and find your memories knowing we love you and will always be in your heart.  Love Pap n Gram. Continue reading

Amazing Sky

Tonight was an evening of some amazing sights and color in the skies over my house.  It changed so much over the last hour of daylight that I could not help but take some pics.  This was just one of them to the east.  The ones I saw to the west were more orange but to the east had more pink.  I am not sure if the grey background had anything to do with the reflections of the sun as it set but the clouds hung so low you felt you could reach up and touch them.  This one is my favorite but there are plenty of others that caught my eye.  I think having this sky framed by our trees just coming into bloom shows all the beauty that God sends down to us so we know that there is a rebirth.  An awakening that miracles are all around and life is constantly changing just like the sky.

How we choose to appreciate all the colors and shapes are for our eyes and minds to imagine.  We can see peace or we can see turmoil in these clouds. I see beauty that is fighting over the change.  Even though the old saying is pink sky at night sailors delight there seems to be an air of turmoil.  Yet the trees are quiet and still in the foreground.  I see openings for change and peace toward the top but near the ground the change is more complex and busy.

So glad to have been out this evening to enjoy the changes regardless of the cool air that was here.  Spring is here and the change over to warmth will come, and these clouds say it is trying to push it’s way north.  We are just seeing our spring flowers begin to bloom.  Bring on the Spring warmth for all to see the hope in the sky and all around.

Life hands you lemons!

Many times in life we get handed things we are not sure we want.  The first time I tasted lemons I thought the same thing.  I have grown to love the taste of them and the value to health that they provide as time has gone by.  This being said, life circumstances are a lot like this story of lemons.  I have taken on jobs at first that I thought were nothing but sour lemons. It amazes me that every one of these lemons that I have embraced have turned out to become a blessing.  Much like these lemons from the Amafali Coast in Italy where there are groves of Lemons, they learned to make Lemoncella an excellent wine from this bright fruit that to some seemed to not be worth much.  I for one can attest that this is a fruit worth so much more.

I have recently found myself comparing my current project to these bright gems.  I have taken a  project on to promote a telephone triage department and mold it into the newest century by making changes that would meet the guides of the Affordable Care Act.  This law is exasperating at best but the truth is that with the increasing baby boomer population and the decline in the number of providers available to care for this aging population, this act leaves people wondering if anyone can help.  It it taking the same kind of creativity road that the lemons took.  It is a gamble to reach out and get grants to help make changes that might help.  It is a gamble to push forward with only small goals in mind only to find that the changes are beginning to show some worth.  Learning to work smarter with what we have and setting small goals have proven to bring greater rewards than I ever thought.

I am sure the gambles of the lemon in Italy was not an easy road to success and neither is anything we find ourselves doing that is out of our comfort zone.  Having the faith of a seed that can grow into beautiful things will falter from time to time.  Learning to not give up on your ideas too early is the real challenge.  Knowing it is alright to make some mistakes along the way but use those mistakes to improve processes, is all part of the bigger plan that we must not lose sight to see.  After all if a lemon can make it big then so can we all.  Enjoy the lemonade and the lemoncella, as life is sweet when you reach your goals.


Oh to be young and looking at the world with wonder. It takes courage to explore your world and trust that the adults have knowledge about what is going on around them.  The innocence of a child  trusting that all is right with their world and there is nothing to worry about.  Thinking if there is something amiss if I hide from it things will get better.

This reminds me of the American public not knowing or trying to understand the laws that are being passed by our government.  I have seen many changes in my career but feel that the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable.  I believe that everyone deserves safe affordable care but at whose expense?  Do we close our eyes and tell ourselves it will get better or do we take a step into the unknown and see where things are leading?

If I choose to hide I am at the mercy of those who compose/pass laws with a blindfold across their eyes.  Have they looked at how these laws will be carried out or who the end person is going to be holding the bag?  I agree that health care needs to be fixed however I do not have the trust of a child in big government that my father did.  Because of the increasing Baby Boomers and the fear that we had an unsustainable process we now must jump through hoops in short periods of time, as we attempt to meet the goals of some bean counter.  All the while the middle class is paying out more and more in other areas to pay for those who won’t or can’t work.

Many do not want the help that is offered and continue to hide or ignore the attempts to offer them health care, health advice and acceptance that we need change.  Many children will go without insurance and care because they are at the mercy of the adult who is not participating in services that are being provided.  Fear or lack of education, reading skills all affect how each of us faces the world.  Because of their fear that someone will find out, they hide.

Innocence will not save us from the tsunami to come.  There will be a larger gap in care givers to patients as the Boomers age.  Even if you can’t/won’t work, volunteer somewhere to help each other.  Step up and lay down your electronic devices and learn to give of yourself to others.  The rewards are many and the sick,elderly and children are so grateful.  We should not have to entrust big government to do the things we learned as a child are important.  Caring, sharing and helping are the foundations that our great country was built on.  Even a child can see that when these are employed, they come out of the shadows into the light.

Graceful Aging

It is with love that I get to help my Mother grow old gracefully.  I used to wonder what that meant as I was growing up but I also got to see my mother model the role with my grandmother.  She always found time to help her or hold her up in her not so good times.  All my life my best role model is the Mother that God gave to me.  Her laughter is contagious, her smile lights up a room and she is the best listener I know.  She offers her words of wisdom whether I ask for it or not but many times even when I am not asking for it, her words make me think before I jump in and make a mistake.  Her compassion for everyone is amazing.

Her spirit, honesty, values and stories continue to amaze me.  She does her best to continue to fight even though she realizes that her body is growing weak.  To me that makes her fearless as she sees her mortality as not an end but a beginning.  I know she longs to be with my father who has long gone before her but her job to help form us and the next generation was not complete.  She takes that duty very seriously and her smile is always eager to visit as she witnesses the newest generations growing up before her.

God had true wisdom when he gave us mothers and gave women the strength to give back to their families tirelessly.    As I helped her do basic things this weekend she kept thanking me and telling me that God knew she needed girls and was so blessed to have three that she is so proud of.  She told me she didn’t feel she was aging gracefully but no longer had enough fight to care.  To me she will always be gracious and graceful as she never stops sharing her heart and her love……even if it is only her words or a smile.  Thanks Mom.

Pump it up!

I so am enjoying the pictures of the flowers I took last summer.  My oldest daughter decided to protect her well casing by building up a planter and adding an old pump from a family member.  While the white in this picture reminds me of snow the pump reminds me that without pumping it up years ago water was a labor to obtain.  I remember a pump like this on on the sink in my grandmothers kitchen and I loved the cool fresh water it provided.  She would have us pump pans full so the water could be heated on the old cook stove for doing dishes or bathing.  I vividly remember her putting an old metal tub in the center of the kitchen and bringing out a screen so that we could bathe.  Years later my grandfather finished building the inside bathroom on the house and we no longer needed the old hand pump as he put an electric pump on the well that brought us into the world of indoor plumbing.

This memory is one that my children and grandchildren found hard to understand.  They have never had to carry water in a bucket from the creek to the house and so the pump in this picture would not really have sparked the images it did for me.  I used to think that my own grandmother must have seen some unbelievable changes in her day since she was born in 1910 and died in 2001.  It made me realize seeing this picture that time has pumped up some awesome changes that I never thought would be possible in my years on this earth.  So pump it up everyone, how many changes have you seen in your lifetime?  Share a picture that brings back vivid memories for you and share with us.