Amazing Sky

Tonight was an evening of some amazing sights and color in the skies over my house.  It changed so much over the last hour of daylight that I could not help but take some pics.  This was just one of them to the east.  The ones I saw to the west were more orange but to the east had more pink.  I am not sure if the grey background had anything to do with the reflections of the sun as it set but the clouds hung so low you felt you could reach up and touch them.  This one is my favorite but there are plenty of others that caught my eye.  I think having this sky framed by our trees just coming into bloom shows all the beauty that God sends down to us so we know that there is a rebirth.  An awakening that miracles are all around and life is constantly changing just like the sky.

How we choose to appreciate all the colors and shapes are for our eyes and minds to imagine.  We can see peace or we can see turmoil in these clouds. I see beauty that is fighting over the change.  Even though the old saying is pink sky at night sailors delight there seems to be an air of turmoil.  Yet the trees are quiet and still in the foreground.  I see openings for change and peace toward the top but near the ground the change is more complex and busy.

So glad to have been out this evening to enjoy the changes regardless of the cool air that was here.  Spring is here and the change over to warmth will come, and these clouds say it is trying to push it’s way north.  We are just seeing our spring flowers begin to bloom.  Bring on the Spring warmth for all to see the hope in the sky and all around.