Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Many times patterns catch our eyes and it is later that we realize different things than what brought us to take a photo.  It is the same with human behaviors as I learn a new way to approach patients to help them make changes.  I think this photo is unique as it is the roof in a wind chime factory I visited.  The clear spaces are areas where there is no roofing material and the breeze comes through to occasionally move the chimes.  In this room hung many different types of wind chimes and the soft sound of them ringing from the slow breeze brought in by the roofing design was a relaxing melody.  This is one room that I could have made my own.  The rest was an adobe hut in the shape of a half circle and the room itself was round with two arches on either side.

It was around two in the afternoon when I visited this area and it was one of the most comfortable places in the area. For a hot Arizona day it was the best place to stay.  As you can see there are arches everywhere you look in the design and the color is strong enough to block the sun.  I see a flower in the middle and arrows pointing different directions.  This is like our minds as we contemplate change.  Sort of like when we get older and some of our classmates or friends begin to die at early ages.  It tends to make us think of our mortality.  What changes would help us to live better, feel better and enjoy the music as in this adobe wind chime room as the wind makes the chimes change their movements.

I was not sure why I took this picture at first however I have so enjoyed visiting it again and again.  I have not only been contemplating change but traveling again to explore.  I live for the adventure and the unusual to catch my eye.  Just as we all do as we review our pictures that we took for whatever reason.  Keep clicking.


Cee’s Which Way Challenge-Curtain clouds

I guess unless you study meteorology you really don’t pay much attention to the clouds.  One morning on my way to work I noticed that the clouds had a scalloped edge almost like a curtain being pulled down over the horizon.  I had to get a picture as the scallops were so evenly spaced I was not sure I could describe it to others.   I am sure this is not the first time this was noticed and perhaps curtains or shades are patterned after this look.  It reminded me of someone lifting the curtain on winter to let in the sunlight.  As you notice in the picture, there are no leaves on the trees and we are facing winter.  I so much wanted to go down the road to spring and see this as a light at the end of the tunnel.  It could also be seen in the negative as the summer is closing behind us and we must face the gray of winter.

Life is like this as well we can see everything as a positive or a negative.  At the end of the day it still begs the question, “Which way do I really want to go?”  As for me I would like to run from these northeast winters and become a snow bird that goes to warmer weather as the shade comes down in the fall and leads us into winter.  Others see the road as leading to winter sports, fun in the snow and sled riding.

After this last winter and me facing the winter of my life, I much prefer to head into the sun.  Country roads, take to where it is warmer and keep the shade up to lead the way.  Life has different criteria as we age so we all must decide for ourselves how to live with the choices we make.  Send me the sun.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Comfort

Comfort comes in knowing that you are cared about and loved.  It requires that human touch that reaches clear to your heart and soul.  The never ending connections that bring you peace inside.  I remember as a child moving back to my father’s home town and having an instant bond with my one cousin.  She and I went to school, church and spent unlimited amounts of time together playing and growing up.  I could always count on her to listen to me and we were best friend as well as cousins.

Knowing she was always there to watch my back has been a source of comfort through out our childhood and our adult lives.  Although we live in different towns our lives have intertwined as we had our children, watched them grow, and even sharing our own grandchildren.  This picture was taken at my mother’s 80th birthday party when my cousin came to share her love for my Mom and family.  I knew I could count on her to not only come but make sure her aging parents were there to help share the love.

Our party was at the church that my Mom attends and we all did not want to see the party end.  This picture was taken and is one that shows the love of a family that extends through the generations.  Our closeness is a bond that began as children but will still be there till we grow old and pass on.  We still know just by a look or a touch that our family is always there for one another through the good times and the bad.  Just as God taught us as children the more we know him, the more we will understand his love toward us.  Learning to see his love in our everyday details teaches us to walk in love and be imitators of God.  Our bonds have renewed the spirit in our minds that our comfort comes from the Lord who created us.

The Truth and the Light

Easter weekend  came early this year and with it came the cold and snow flurries that whitened the ground for a while this morning.  It is a time to reflect on what sacrifices we are grateful to have received.  It is a time for family and friends to reflect and share love for one another.  This time of year brings beautiful  signs everywhere that the promise is fulfilled.  This is true of the picture I chose as it reminds me that even though the cold and snow have not left they bring new life to our barren land.  It replenishes the water table and soon the spring warmth and flowers will begin to pop up.

I did notice this weekend that a few trees have buds on them so spring is on the way.  It is the time of year I remember that my mother used to make us new Easter dresses for church but some years we had to put our winter coats over her beautiful creations.  Like a stone rolled over a tomb or the sun hidden behind the clouds.  Hope will spring eternal and the spring will blossom into summer.

The beautiful colors of the sky tell me that there is a risen savior and he lives.  He shines his face upon us and gives us peace.  Just like the colors of spring flowers the yellow and blue hues push out the grey and will once again reign.  His beauty is everywhere should we choose to see it.  I chose to photograph it, share it and enjoy another wonderful Easter.  Keep looking up so that you too can see the beauty before you.