A Photo a Week Challenge: Tilted

Life has a way of pushing us to our limits and being a little tilted is what I see not only in this tree but in older people as well.  We all start out standing tall and straight and as the years go by we begin to lose our grip on things.  Work wears us down, raising our children wears us down, and aging has that same effect.  Our bodies begin to give us aches and pains and we find ourselves slouching instead of standing tall.  Our middles begin to bulge and we think there is no going back.

Fighting the urge to just give up and give in to gravity against the wind is a phenomenal feat for these majestic trees and people are no different.  People do not give themselves the credit they deserve for living out their lives.  Each of us weathers a storm from time to time that can make the strongest topple over in the breeze.  This park is one of my favorites to walk and enjoy the wildlife.

I miss my friend that used to meet me there so we could walk and talk about our storms of the day that we needed to solve.  Soon we will all topple over into the pond along with this leaning tree.  For now this weeping willow weeps for us to come back and enjoy the day, the breeze on our faces and the upcoming summer once more.  I believe I will take advantage again as soon as the weather breaks a little so that I can burn the stress off this old body once more.  Life you haven’t gotten me or this tree yet.