Summer Art

In my travels I love to see the beauty that different areas make into art.  Lately I have been into looking at things made from old vintage part including car parts.  The ingenuity of those who can see the vision in it’s final form have great imagination.  On my recent visit to Myrtle Beach to visit my best friend, I wandered into a second hand store while I waited on her to finish her doctor’s visit next door.  It was a beautiful summer day for June and the outside displays called me in.

Prior to going in I snapped a few pictures of the great art I saw outside.  There were actually two of these that caught my eye but this one in particular was appealing as it had many attachments.  I snapped a picture and verified with the owner it was alright to photograph and sent it off to my daughter who loves to make some of these different items and use them for Christmas Presents!!  Since they caught my eye I thought I would give her some ideas that I liked.  Kudos to the artist with the odd point of view.

So for Cee’s odd ball challenge I would like to enter how a traveler from Pennsylvania found a different type of art appealing that others might think odd.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Many times patterns catch our eyes and it is later that we realize different things than what brought us to take a photo.  It is the same with human behaviors as I learn a new way to approach patients to help them make changes.  I think this photo is unique as it is the roof in a wind chime factory I visited.  The clear spaces are areas where there is no roofing material and the breeze comes through to occasionally move the chimes.  In this room hung many different types of wind chimes and the soft sound of them ringing from the slow breeze brought in by the roofing design was a relaxing melody.  This is one room that I could have made my own.  The rest was an adobe hut in the shape of a half circle and the room itself was round with two arches on either side.

It was around two in the afternoon when I visited this area and it was one of the most comfortable places in the area. For a hot Arizona day it was the best place to stay.  As you can see there are arches everywhere you look in the design and the color is strong enough to block the sun.  I see a flower in the middle and arrows pointing different directions.  This is like our minds as we contemplate change.  Sort of like when we get older and some of our classmates or friends begin to die at early ages.  It tends to make us think of our mortality.  What changes would help us to live better, feel better and enjoy the music as in this adobe wind chime room as the wind makes the chimes change their movements.

I was not sure why I took this picture at first however I have so enjoyed visiting it again and again.  I have not only been contemplating change but traveling again to explore.  I live for the adventure and the unusual to catch my eye.  Just as we all do as we review our pictures that we took for whatever reason.  Keep clicking.

Week 12 Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

I am on the same wave length as Cee this week.  I see she posted a tree growing out of a fence.  I too share her curiosity with fences.  This one caught my eye as the signage on it made no sense to me.  It gave me reason to pause and chuckle as I read the sign saying Entrance only….Do not Enter!  It seems to be on the wrong side of the gate as I was inside a courtyard of a restaurant when I took this picture and the alley way is on the other side.  I am sure it was to keep the guests inside of the protected areas but  the two signs together are very confusing.  I guess this one can be chalked up to perception.

It was only after looking through the fence that I realized there was an alley behind the building where patrons were not to go.  Why I took the picture is probably because of the sign. Otherwise it is a rather dull gate meant to hide the view from the people visiting the restaurant.  I truly would be concerned if this was the delivery gait and this was in some parts of America.  I am sure it would not take some long to break it down.  I guess in this sleepy little town, the people must trust one another to honor the property of others as this gate looks old and weathered as if it has been there quite some time.

Kudos to the ambiance of this place and the residence of this area for watching out for each other.  I miss the fact that years ago this is all that would have been necessary to keep others out.  I find it amazing that this was still working in the year 2012.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, Heavy Traffic

While I was laid up having knee surgery I watched out my window at the wildlife that passed by.  Since I work most daylight hours I never knew how much local traffic went by my house each day.  I got my camera out to take a few shots of some local traffic passing by.  They seemed to hesitate when they got to this red sign as if to ask each other, “can anyone read that red sign?”  They did the dance of moving forward only to dance back again as a car passed.  Not wanting to see them injured, I cringed every time they were about to cross and ended up doing the two step backwards.

They finally solved the issue and took flight to cross this busy road.  I still got to enjoy them for a short time and was happy to have my camera close by.  At first I was not sure where I would use this picture of the feathered dancers but later decided it belonged in Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.  Unless you are from the country and enjoy hunting, you probably would not appreciate this picture as much as we do.  There were actually ten of these grouse waddling up the road and I actually have several pictures of them not just one.  Guess I was click happy.  🙂