Getting Healthy


Getting healthy

Life seems to stand still when you have medical issues.  You find yourself depressed and withdrawing.  It is a struggle to get through each day.  When you finally get help and are on the mend, each day has hope.  Your thoughts turn to getting life back that was lost.
  Stepping outside your comfort zone to find your way came for me in getting healthy.  Having someone to lead me, coach n encourage and be accountable to was my ticket.  I began late January and by June have followed a plan with great results.  Goodbye unwanted 45 pounds.
I found my healthy and am ready 4 summer fun.  Now even with my sedentary job, I can get back to healthy.  Life is good again……ready, set,….go.



Upside down

Tonight as I sat watching my granddaughter sing in her chorale concert I learned that her school is doing away with their music program.  Teachers have not been paid in a month and our governor refuses to pass a budget so schools can pay their bills. 
I personally feel young minds need structure n learning to help them focus. 
I also think that Americans need to take back control when politicians who make bad choices and hold our children hostage.  There is no shame in politics today and no honor.  I am sure our governor is getting his paycheck unlike our teachers who are suffering at the hands of a dictator.  I have hated politics most of my life but you are messing with our grand children’s education that we have worked long and hard to pay for with our taxes. 
People of Pennsylvania unite and spread the word about being held hostage by our governor.  Tell anyone and everyone until he is impeached or resigns.  If any one of us did what he is doing to our children and others in his way, we would be fired.  Help get our children’s education back.



Watching your grandchildren blossom is a blessing like no other.  Holding them when they are first born makes you realize that love is not enough to describe the feelings you experience.  Following their milestones, being there when they fall and allowing them to pick themselves up is how we grandparents teach them because we know they can.  Recently my first grandchild realized she is at the “end” of her high school career.  She is feeling nostalgia about seeing all this end because the future is uncertain.  While we have no doubt she will do great things with her life, she remains unsure. 
I can recall those feelings of excitement and fear mixed together like a knot in my stomach.  Taking one day at a time to enjoy life as it comes is good advise but it is not until you wake one day to realize those days have slipped by.  They may have been fleeting but are there to enjoy in your memories.
Go and find your memories knowing we love you and will always be in your heart.  Love Pap n Gram. Continue reading

Shades of yellow


I took a photography class for beginners and learned what the different settings on my camera would produce.  I guess old farts can learn new tricks.  Years ago I would not have realized the beauty in this picture.  Today it makes me smile and not take learning something new for granted. 
Kinda like the new language my grandkids use to text today or even new slang.  If your mind is lost to wandering instead of learning memory declines.  If your mind is still learning you are forever young.   Life is an adventure with time to finally do and learn things that interest you.  I am so glad to not be afraid to ask the younger generation to teach me. 
Reach out and explore, find new adventures, slow down and keep learning or stretching your mind. 

Prom and being true to yourself.

For the last two years my granddaughter has invited me to come help her choose a prom dress.  While she tries on numerous dresses, we take pictures and she decides if she will make the change on it.  During the previous year it was all about a young man who led her to his idea of what beautiful was and even though she would be beautiful in a paper sack she did not look comfortable in her dress.  She looked only for his approval and he failed to give her the feedback she was seeking.

This year we went about searching for a dress and she had her own ideas of what she wanted.  She finally realized that she only needed to make herself happy.  You see she is not dating the same guy who had no appreciation for life and what is precious.  This year she was going to the prom with her friends and her current boyfriend was smart enough to take her out to dinner  and release this beautiful butterfly to enjoy her friends for one evening.  While he was not afraid to tell her how beautiful she was he also told her how beautiful she is everyday as she is just being herself.  The two of them are not out to impress the world but to enjoy what time they have together doing the things they both enjoy.  She has learned that it is smart to let each other have time apart for their own interests and there is time to spend together.

It makes me sad to see the differences in these two young ladies in the picture. One is so wrapped up in what others think she fails to see how she is being led to believe her self worth is in the eyes of others.  The other young lady in this picture is standing tall, looking forward to what life brings and her self worth comes from within.  She knows she has the strength to stand alone if need be but also the softness to let others love her for who she really is.

The lessons we teach our young will be with them forever.  It is more important to give young people our time, honesty, love and support so they recognize and see self worth is so important in lessons of the heart and in giving of oneself to others. Finding when we rely on our instincts, we prevent ourselves from losing our own visions and dreams by making smart choices.  It is also important to encourage them to seek counsel from those older and wiser to balance the ideas of other young less experienced friends.

Playing sports, picking yourself up and dusting off to face another day provides lessons of self reliance.  Knowing that life lessons are there for us to learn what is important and how to relate teaches our young how to handle their vulnerability.  Reaching out for guidance shows wisdom beyond years.  I am so proud of the woman my granddaughter is becoming.  She is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, make hard decisions or show her caring for others.

Life hands you lemons!

Many times in life we get handed things we are not sure we want.  The first time I tasted lemons I thought the same thing.  I have grown to love the taste of them and the value to health that they provide as time has gone by.  This being said, life circumstances are a lot like this story of lemons.  I have taken on jobs at first that I thought were nothing but sour lemons. It amazes me that every one of these lemons that I have embraced have turned out to become a blessing.  Much like these lemons from the Amafali Coast in Italy where there are groves of Lemons, they learned to make Lemoncella an excellent wine from this bright fruit that to some seemed to not be worth much.  I for one can attest that this is a fruit worth so much more.

I have recently found myself comparing my current project to these bright gems.  I have taken a  project on to promote a telephone triage department and mold it into the newest century by making changes that would meet the guides of the Affordable Care Act.  This law is exasperating at best but the truth is that with the increasing baby boomer population and the decline in the number of providers available to care for this aging population, this act leaves people wondering if anyone can help.  It it taking the same kind of creativity road that the lemons took.  It is a gamble to reach out and get grants to help make changes that might help.  It is a gamble to push forward with only small goals in mind only to find that the changes are beginning to show some worth.  Learning to work smarter with what we have and setting small goals have proven to bring greater rewards than I ever thought.

I am sure the gambles of the lemon in Italy was not an easy road to success and neither is anything we find ourselves doing that is out of our comfort zone.  Having the faith of a seed that can grow into beautiful things will falter from time to time.  Learning to not give up on your ideas too early is the real challenge.  Knowing it is alright to make some mistakes along the way but use those mistakes to improve processes, is all part of the bigger plan that we must not lose sight to see.  After all if a lemon can make it big then so can we all.  Enjoy the lemonade and the lemoncella, as life is sweet when you reach your goals.