Getting Healthy


Getting healthy

Life seems to stand still when you have medical issues.  You find yourself depressed and withdrawing.  It is a struggle to get through each day.  When you finally get help and are on the mend, each day has hope.  Your thoughts turn to getting life back that was lost.
  Stepping outside your comfort zone to find your way came for me in getting healthy.  Having someone to lead me, coach n encourage and be accountable to was my ticket.  I began late January and by June have followed a plan with great results.  Goodbye unwanted 45 pounds.
I found my healthy and am ready 4 summer fun.  Now even with my sedentary job, I can get back to healthy.  Life is good again……ready, set,….go.



Upside down

Tonight as I sat watching my granddaughter sing in her chorale concert I learned that her school is doing away with their music program.  Teachers have not been paid in a month and our governor refuses to pass a budget so schools can pay their bills. 
I personally feel young minds need structure n learning to help them focus. 
I also think that Americans need to take back control when politicians who make bad choices and hold our children hostage.  There is no shame in politics today and no honor.  I am sure our governor is getting his paycheck unlike our teachers who are suffering at the hands of a dictator.  I have hated politics most of my life but you are messing with our grand children’s education that we have worked long and hard to pay for with our taxes. 
People of Pennsylvania unite and spread the word about being held hostage by our governor.  Tell anyone and everyone until he is impeached or resigns.  If any one of us did what he is doing to our children and others in his way, we would be fired.  Help get our children’s education back.

Shades of yellow


I took a photography class for beginners and learned what the different settings on my camera would produce.  I guess old farts can learn new tricks.  Years ago I would not have realized the beauty in this picture.  Today it makes me smile and not take learning something new for granted. 
Kinda like the new language my grandkids use to text today or even new slang.  If your mind is lost to wandering instead of learning memory declines.  If your mind is still learning you are forever young.   Life is an adventure with time to finally do and learn things that interest you.  I am so glad to not be afraid to ask the younger generation to teach me. 
Reach out and explore, find new adventures, slow down and keep learning or stretching your mind. 

The Truth and the Light

Easter weekend  came early this year and with it came the cold and snow flurries that whitened the ground for a while this morning.  It is a time to reflect on what sacrifices we are grateful to have received.  It is a time for family and friends to reflect and share love for one another.  This time of year brings beautiful  signs everywhere that the promise is fulfilled.  This is true of the picture I chose as it reminds me that even though the cold and snow have not left they bring new life to our barren land.  It replenishes the water table and soon the spring warmth and flowers will begin to pop up.

I did notice this weekend that a few trees have buds on them so spring is on the way.  It is the time of year I remember that my mother used to make us new Easter dresses for church but some years we had to put our winter coats over her beautiful creations.  Like a stone rolled over a tomb or the sun hidden behind the clouds.  Hope will spring eternal and the spring will blossom into summer.

The beautiful colors of the sky tell me that there is a risen savior and he lives.  He shines his face upon us and gives us peace.  Just like the colors of spring flowers the yellow and blue hues push out the grey and will once again reign.  His beauty is everywhere should we choose to see it.  I chose to photograph it, share it and enjoy another wonderful Easter.  Keep looking up so that you too can see the beauty before you.


Oh to be young and looking at the world with wonder. It takes courage to explore your world and trust that the adults have knowledge about what is going on around them.  The innocence of a child  trusting that all is right with their world and there is nothing to worry about.  Thinking if there is something amiss if I hide from it things will get better.

This reminds me of the American public not knowing or trying to understand the laws that are being passed by our government.  I have seen many changes in my career but feel that the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable.  I believe that everyone deserves safe affordable care but at whose expense?  Do we close our eyes and tell ourselves it will get better or do we take a step into the unknown and see where things are leading?

If I choose to hide I am at the mercy of those who compose/pass laws with a blindfold across their eyes.  Have they looked at how these laws will be carried out or who the end person is going to be holding the bag?  I agree that health care needs to be fixed however I do not have the trust of a child in big government that my father did.  Because of the increasing Baby Boomers and the fear that we had an unsustainable process we now must jump through hoops in short periods of time, as we attempt to meet the goals of some bean counter.  All the while the middle class is paying out more and more in other areas to pay for those who won’t or can’t work.

Many do not want the help that is offered and continue to hide or ignore the attempts to offer them health care, health advice and acceptance that we need change.  Many children will go without insurance and care because they are at the mercy of the adult who is not participating in services that are being provided.  Fear or lack of education, reading skills all affect how each of us faces the world.  Because of their fear that someone will find out, they hide.

Innocence will not save us from the tsunami to come.  There will be a larger gap in care givers to patients as the Boomers age.  Even if you can’t/won’t work, volunteer somewhere to help each other.  Step up and lay down your electronic devices and learn to give of yourself to others.  The rewards are many and the sick,elderly and children are so grateful.  We should not have to entrust big government to do the things we learned as a child are important.  Caring, sharing and helping are the foundations that our great country was built on.  Even a child can see that when these are employed, they come out of the shadows into the light.

Friends from the heart.

Friends make us laugh until we cry and can raise our spirits like a kite on a windy day.  Two such friends come to mind that have done this for me.  I began this journey when I met a woman who shared her story with me about her life.  She was very genuine and honest in what she saw was a life in limbo.  Fast forward to years later and her life did change and turn around and she blossomed like a flower when she got back to her roots and closed a circle she had left undone years before.  This circle gave her light to her eyes and a smile on her heart.  It was of course and old flame from her school years who took her heart to new heights.

It is such fun to enjoy chatting, sharing and caring how things are going and before you know it, life keeps you so busy you drift from what fun there was.  Only to bring you back with a slap.  Not only is my friend sad again but that terrible sentence that health reasons for her and the love of her life are not good.  I went back to reconnect and find that life has beaten them both down.  Oh, they smile and make conversation but are fearful of letting any feelings in their hearts.  My heart breaks watching them struggle since the sunshine that once surrounded their souls is gone.  The grieving has begun in anticipation that one day it will be gone is coming too fast.

I have seen this all before in the patient’s I have cared for yet this time I question my faith.  I ask God “Why is this happening?”  They are such great people, friends, advocates of others and hard working.  How can things end like this by taking away all that was good, true and full of life.  I find myself closing off a room in my heart to keep memories dear.  Am I closing off that part to God because I don’t understand what journey he has for my friends?  Am I just angry that he is taking them so soon.  And now the guilt of why them and not others who don’t try to do his work.  My bible tells me to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.”  I have to lean on you now God to comfort me…help me as I walk to the end with my friends.  Help me keep a clear head and heart so I can enjoy what time is left.


Affect is the external display of mood or emotion that is felt inside each of us.  It can be flat and expressionless as in a mime or clown or it can be very animated as in Jim Carey, the actor.  Either way it is the display of emotion from our mood that gives us affect.  We see this clearly displayed in moods from depression to mania.  This is also true in the health care setting.  Attempting to care for more people with less resources of medical personnel feeds the chaos.

Health care currently is in a manic state as we face the challenges of the Affordable Care Act.  I find it interesting that pushing the public into this state of mania is long overdue.    There are no perfect solutions yet many debates as to how to meet the lofty goals and enlist patients to comply reveals many challenges.  In the midst of all this are the nurses and workhorses attempting to push forward and develop meaningful strategic ideas to meet the directives of the legislation.    All this while caring for the increasing baby boomer population threatening to overrun our current care.  Who in their right mind would knowingly go into medicine or nursing at this phase along with how many are we currently burning out in this futile attempt?  What are our choices and where do we begin to make sense of this crazy world we live in?   It is time to have each and every person take accountability for their roles in keeping health care safe and financially sound.

Since Apathy or loss of interest is another key term that comes with depression, how do we keep interested in and cover all the information that keeps coming at us daily.  Those in the medical and nursing professions wonder how long it will take before exhaustion and depression set in.  I for one typically speak my mind.  Not only do nurses need to step up to the plate and consider a greater role in collaborative care if the health care mania is going to have a fighting chance, but the patients themselves must become a consumer of health care.  This will take a concerted team effort as this is certainly not the time for Apathy or Depression to set in as we face one of the biggest challenges in health care history.