Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Little boys have a way of rebelling the norm when forced to go with Mom or Gram to the store.  My grandson is no different.  He had been exposed to a day of shopping and when we hit a big store with large shopping carts he decided he wanted to ride the bottom of the cart and inspect the world from below.  He rode the entire store and had quite the worms eye view.  He had great fun watching peoples reactions, and even once he grabbed his mother’s ankle and made her jump.  He giggled all the way to the car.  Even at the checkout he watched the people go by and would say “bye” to them just to watch their reactions to him.

Curiosity, imagination and ingenuity are what bring about change and many great ideas come from the minds of those not afraid to step outside their comfort zones and try something different.  Some people will try things multiple times until they get their ideas to work.  So the next time you see odd behavior, think about my grandson who did not think it odd at all to glide across the floor of a big warehouse on the bottom of a shopping cart.  He just may one day be the inventor that brings us great things.