Sharing Mom’s glasses (Cee’s catch them unaware challenge)

My little sister has gone to now saving little dogs.  She once had several collies she had rescued but they have since passed on to doggie heaven.  Her latest pet menagerie are dachshunds and between them they have anywhere from 2-3 at their house.  She makes of them all as if they were her children and this one in particular loves to sit on her lap as she reads the paper.  On this particular day she took it upon herself and put her glasses on the dog who decided to try and see the world through my sisters eyes…..literally.  Magoo, Ryder and little bitty red dog are very spoiled and pampered as they have become humanized by the doting grandparents.  For many years my sister waited for grand children and found these adorable little creatures a great substitute.  Now that she has her first grandchild, they have all been taught to mind their manners and all seem to love our little bundle of joy that is now quite the toddler.

Catching people unaware you are taking their picture is great fun.  I have many great catches but love this one the best.  If she knew I had it I am sure she would try to steal that picture.  Our pets are no different as my dog will not pose for a picture and unless you catch her unaware, she hides.  To me it is a game with her as she is very camera shy.  Little bitty red dog is not camera shy as you can see and is quite the ham when it comes to being the straight man in comedy.  This pose makes him look so serious but can definitely draw out the laughter when I share it.