A Photo a Week Challenge: Tilted

Life has a way of pushing us to our limits and being a little tilted is what I see not only in this tree but in older people as well.  We all start out standing tall and straight and as the years go by we begin to lose our grip on things.  Work wears us down, raising our children wears us down, and aging has that same effect.  Our bodies begin to give us aches and pains and we find ourselves slouching instead of standing tall.  Our middles begin to bulge and we think there is no going back.

Fighting the urge to just give up and give in to gravity against the wind is a phenomenal feat for these majestic trees and people are no different.  People do not give themselves the credit they deserve for living out their lives.  Each of us weathers a storm from time to time that can make the strongest topple over in the breeze.  This park is one of my favorites to walk and enjoy the wildlife.

I miss my friend that used to meet me there so we could walk and talk about our storms of the day that we needed to solve.  Soon we will all topple over into the pond along with this leaning tree.  For now this weeping willow weeps for us to come back and enjoy the day, the breeze on our faces and the upcoming summer once more.  I believe I will take advantage again as soon as the weather breaks a little so that I can burn the stress off this old body once more.  Life you haven’t gotten me or this tree yet.


Straight up the hill. Cee’s Which way Week #12

While country life at times can be very laid back, the turkey is one bird that definitely has it’s own path and direction.  I have seen them along side the road walking and been able to drive by only to have them turn around and chase me.  Seriously they fly into windshields, cross unexpectedly and will take up the entire road.  On this day I attempted to drive up the hill but the closer I got the more of a blockade they made.  It was a Mexican stand off for sure when they decided to hold their ground.  I had a couple hiss at me and others that just scattered into the creek and field.

Realizing there really was no way they could keep me from coming they begin to run up the road and one by one they decide the field is a safe haven.  Three of them fly and the others just hop across the gully.  They must know when they are in season soon as they usually show up on this stretch of road each year just before spring gobbler season.  Which way they go to hide before the season is anyone’s guess.

Since there is only one way to go and that is up the hill it is just a narrow road that connects two main roads near my house.  Seems to me that these crazy birds could figure that out.  It is not like there are several turns they can make.  Since the pull off on the right is full of snow it is not the best for travelers to turn around and go the long way to get on the main road.  Unlike the local hunters I do not see dinner when I see these birds I think time will come to a standstill until they decide …..Which way shall we go?  Does that make us all turkey’s behind the wheel?  Do we take after them when we too can’t decide which way to turn to reach our destination?

Dragon Races

One of my favorite days spent on a park bench was in Burlington Vermont when I got to watch the Dragon Races.  It was fun to watch the teams of people dressed in different costumes and matching t-shirts share their zest for life as they raised money to help fight breast cancer.  It was the most unique ways of raising money that kept me on the edge of my seat, bench if you will.  This beautiful waters edge was off Lake George  and there was no lack of enthusiasm as the wind gusted and the teams shined in the sun.  There was plenty to watch and one could sit there all day and not be bored.  It was hard to pull myself away from the waters edge. If I lived in this town I would certainly want to bring people to observe not only the beautiful waters edge but the quaint little town so full of life.  Eclectic and alive with college students, Ben and Jerry’s are a must visit.

As for my home town my favorite bench is at World’s End state Park in Forksville, Pa.  It is a different type of water view but one not to be missed if you ever visit me in my home town near there.  I love to take friend and visitors to see the natural wonders and hike the mountains.  There is a must see as every year at the fair grounds the Northeastern Indian tribes meet for a Pow Wow.  Some of the most unique shopping to be sure.  It reminds me of my favorite place to shop and that is in Cancun Mexico as I love to barter.  Must be the Indian in me.

I am most grateful that last week I had no travel plans as I was under the weather but I am so grateful to be on the mend.  I look forward to going back to work this week and helping people which is what I do best.  Cee, I would go watch surgery in a heartbeat and would pick one I have never seen but have experienced first hand and that is thumb arthroplasty.  I have had one myself on a Friday and amazingly went back to work on Monday the following week.  You see while others shy away from this questions my love for nursing and medicine are always wanting to learn more.  Thanks for allowing me to share my world.  As a retired NP, I miss the excitement of floor nursing but must say that I still have plenty of adventure to keep me happy. Still doing what nurses do best, helping people.

Week 12 Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

I am on the same wave length as Cee this week.  I see she posted a tree growing out of a fence.  I too share her curiosity with fences.  This one caught my eye as the signage on it made no sense to me.  It gave me reason to pause and chuckle as I read the sign saying Entrance only….Do not Enter!  It seems to be on the wrong side of the gate as I was inside a courtyard of a restaurant when I took this picture and the alley way is on the other side.  I am sure it was to keep the guests inside of the protected areas but  the two signs together are very confusing.  I guess this one can be chalked up to perception.

It was only after looking through the fence that I realized there was an alley behind the building where patrons were not to go.  Why I took the picture is probably because of the sign. Otherwise it is a rather dull gate meant to hide the view from the people visiting the restaurant.  I truly would be concerned if this was the delivery gait and this was in some parts of America.  I am sure it would not take some long to break it down.  I guess in this sleepy little town, the people must trust one another to honor the property of others as this gate looks old and weathered as if it has been there quite some time.

Kudos to the ambiance of this place and the residence of this area for watching out for each other.  I miss the fact that years ago this is all that would have been necessary to keep others out.  I find it amazing that this was still working in the year 2012.



Spring brings unpredictable skies that are so amazing they tell me God wants us to know there is hope for a brighter future.  This sky found me pulling over and watching the splendor of it all.  Enjoying the simple rays of sunshine as it filters through the clouds spoke volumes to me.  The hope I felt gave me joy in my heart as if my father sent it from heaven just for me. 
Change is all around us and we must embrace it to have hope that there is a greater plan that we can’t see.  The change in the seasons help us to understand God’s plan is eternal. 

Life hands you lemons!

Many times in life we get handed things we are not sure we want.  The first time I tasted lemons I thought the same thing.  I have grown to love the taste of them and the value to health that they provide as time has gone by.  This being said, life circumstances are a lot like this story of lemons.  I have taken on jobs at first that I thought were nothing but sour lemons. It amazes me that every one of these lemons that I have embraced have turned out to become a blessing.  Much like these lemons from the Amafali Coast in Italy where there are groves of Lemons, they learned to make Lemoncella an excellent wine from this bright fruit that to some seemed to not be worth much.  I for one can attest that this is a fruit worth so much more.

I have recently found myself comparing my current project to these bright gems.  I have taken a  project on to promote a telephone triage department and mold it into the newest century by making changes that would meet the guides of the Affordable Care Act.  This law is exasperating at best but the truth is that with the increasing baby boomer population and the decline in the number of providers available to care for this aging population, this act leaves people wondering if anyone can help.  It it taking the same kind of creativity road that the lemons took.  It is a gamble to reach out and get grants to help make changes that might help.  It is a gamble to push forward with only small goals in mind only to find that the changes are beginning to show some worth.  Learning to work smarter with what we have and setting small goals have proven to bring greater rewards than I ever thought.

I am sure the gambles of the lemon in Italy was not an easy road to success and neither is anything we find ourselves doing that is out of our comfort zone.  Having the faith of a seed that can grow into beautiful things will falter from time to time.  Learning to not give up on your ideas too early is the real challenge.  Knowing it is alright to make some mistakes along the way but use those mistakes to improve processes, is all part of the bigger plan that we must not lose sight to see.  After all if a lemon can make it big then so can we all.  Enjoy the lemonade and the lemoncella, as life is sweet when you reach your goals.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, Heavy Traffic

While I was laid up having knee surgery I watched out my window at the wildlife that passed by.  Since I work most daylight hours I never knew how much local traffic went by my house each day.  I got my camera out to take a few shots of some local traffic passing by.  They seemed to hesitate when they got to this red sign as if to ask each other, “can anyone read that red sign?”  They did the dance of moving forward only to dance back again as a car passed.  Not wanting to see them injured, I cringed every time they were about to cross and ended up doing the two step backwards.

They finally solved the issue and took flight to cross this busy road.  I still got to enjoy them for a short time and was happy to have my camera close by.  At first I was not sure where I would use this picture of the feathered dancers but later decided it belonged in Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.  Unless you are from the country and enjoy hunting, you probably would not appreciate this picture as much as we do.  There were actually ten of these grouse waddling up the road and I actually have several pictures of them not just one.  Guess I was click happy.  🙂