Cee’s Travel Challenge Where Water meets Land

I find that the human race is not the only one that enjoys where the water meets the land.  Especially on a hot summer June day in South Carolina.  I had the best time touring with my friend who has retired there and during one of our tours caught this family sunning and swimming just like I wanted to do while there.  They are permanent residents of course but none the less just enjoying where the water met the land.  This makeshift dock provided them the sunning spot that was just right for a family staycation.  That of course is a vacation where one stays close to home.  I was especially curious as I watched them stretch out and get warm just before getting back into the water.  They did not seem to mind that I was steeling some of their fun as I snapped away at their quality time.

Water meets the land in many places and it was where I found myself spending most of the time I was afforded while visiting.  It was a great visit seeing the turtles, egrets, snakes and even the crabs on the beach.  Enjoying what each had to share that was different from where the water meets the land in the Northeast was a memory I will surely cherish in each and every photo I was able to snap.


5 thoughts on “Cee’s Travel Challenge Where Water meets Land

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    I adore the turtles.


  2. Great photo! Never been to South Carolina, definitely a place I hope to visit someday, seems so beautiful.

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