Straight up the hill. Cee’s Which way Week #12

While country life at times can be very laid back, the turkey is one bird that definitely has it’s own path and direction.  I have seen them along side the road walking and been able to drive by only to have them turn around and chase me.  Seriously they fly into windshields, cross unexpectedly and will take up the entire road.  On this day I attempted to drive up the hill but the closer I got the more of a blockade they made.  It was a Mexican stand off for sure when they decided to hold their ground.  I had a couple hiss at me and others that just scattered into the creek and field.

Realizing there really was no way they could keep me from coming they begin to run up the road and one by one they decide the field is a safe haven.  Three of them fly and the others just hop across the gully.  They must know when they are in season soon as they usually show up on this stretch of road each year just before spring gobbler season.  Which way they go to hide before the season is anyone’s guess.

Since there is only one way to go and that is up the hill it is just a narrow road that connects two main roads near my house.  Seems to me that these crazy birds could figure that out.  It is not like there are several turns they can make.  Since the pull off on the right is full of snow it is not the best for travelers to turn around and go the long way to get on the main road.  Unlike the local hunters I do not see dinner when I see these birds I think time will come to a standstill until they decide …..Which way shall we go?  Does that make us all turkey’s behind the wheel?  Do we take after them when we too can’t decide which way to turn to reach our destination?