Watching your grandchildren blossom is a blessing like no other.  Holding them when they are first born makes you realize that love is not enough to describe the feelings you experience.  Following their milestones, being there when they fall and allowing them to pick themselves up is how we grandparents teach them because we know they can.  Recently my first grandchild realized she is at the “end” of her high school career.  She is feeling nostalgia about seeing all this end because the future is uncertain.  While we have no doubt she will do great things with her life, she remains unsure. 
I can recall those feelings of excitement and fear mixed together like a knot in my stomach.  Taking one day at a time to enjoy life as it comes is good advise but it is not until you wake one day to realize those days have slipped by.  They may have been fleeting but are there to enjoy in your memories.
Go and find your memories knowing we love you and will always be in your heart.  Love Pap n Gram. Continue reading


A Photo a Week Challenge: Comfort

Comfort comes in knowing that you are cared about and loved.  It requires that human touch that reaches clear to your heart and soul.  The never ending connections that bring you peace inside.  I remember as a child moving back to my father’s home town and having an instant bond with my one cousin.  She and I went to school, church and spent unlimited amounts of time together playing and growing up.  I could always count on her to listen to me and we were best friend as well as cousins.

Knowing she was always there to watch my back has been a source of comfort through out our childhood and our adult lives.  Although we live in different towns our lives have intertwined as we had our children, watched them grow, and even sharing our own grandchildren.  This picture was taken at my mother’s 80th birthday party when my cousin came to share her love for my Mom and family.  I knew I could count on her to not only come but make sure her aging parents were there to help share the love.

Our party was at the church that my Mom attends and we all did not want to see the party end.  This picture was taken and is one that shows the love of a family that extends through the generations.  Our closeness is a bond that began as children but will still be there till we grow old and pass on.  We still know just by a look or a touch that our family is always there for one another through the good times and the bad.  Just as God taught us as children the more we know him, the more we will understand his love toward us.  Learning to see his love in our everyday details teaches us to walk in love and be imitators of God.  Our bonds have renewed the spirit in our minds that our comfort comes from the Lord who created us.