Spreading your wings

Watching as life flies by we never realize how quickly time really does go by.  This picture of my grandson racing go carts a couple years ago reminds me that my vantage point through the fence captures but a second in time and when I blink it is gone.  I remember when he was born the mixed emotions around what some might have said was a disadvantage that would hold him back.  Oh yea of little faith, you forgot to tell him as nothing has held him back as you can see.  We realize that the only thing that holds us back is our own minds that believe what we live.

This amazing young man is flying high on life as he finishes up what little is left of his schooling.  He will have to soon decide what he will be when he grows up.  Seeing him reach out and try so many things that interest him I see that his learning and curiosity is still high.  He loves the outdoors and while he can do anything he chooses, he makes sure he cultivates his learning as he goes.  His perception of his grandparents is one of wanting to preserve what generations have given to him.  He learns how to hunt, fish, cultivate nature so that there is something to be left for the next generation.

It has been a pleasure to see him as he becomes a young man.  Kudos to him as he has learned the gentleness of his grandfather and the wisdom to keep trying when others say it is impossible.



An all inclusive word, motherhood, meant to involve years of hard work, caring, cajoling and encouraging our young to grow up not as we do but as we say.  One must definitely lead by example to obtain the best results.  I was reminded of this as I watched the ducks over this last summer at a pond where I met one of my friends just to walk.  There is nothing more uncertain or stressful as being a Mother.  When my mother used to tell me that having children was the easy part it took me until I had my own children to realize that the years I would spend teaching them as they grew up would mean the most and be the most challenging.  Learning to speak a language that my children heard and observing their responses to see the results of my words.

Our house was always full of our girls, their friends and teammates.  I enjoyed watching my two beautiful daughters turn into women and begin to raise their own children.  I have many times been very proud of how they show their love and tough love to mold my grandchildren.  I have been privileged to see five generations together and the values and morals that built a strong family unit who cares about each and everyone in that unit as if they were a child of their own.

As I sail into the sunset and watch my mother I see her still connect with the great grandchildren and treat each one as the special individual they truly are.  Her strength and courage to realize she still makes a big impact keeps her moving on as she knows the goals God has set for her.  I love you Mom, as you continue to guide me, love me and encourage me each time we speak.  Just like the ducks in the pond, life regenerates itself and we not only learn what we live, we pass it on to the next generation.


With resources declining and people in the USA spending more on health care annually per capita we are finding that the health of Americans are at an all time decline when compared to other nations.  We are the most overfed and undernourished nation and obesity and diabetes are out of control.  Lifestyles hasten the development of many prominent illnesses and causes of death.  The poor nutrition is in response to society wanting instant gratification and not taking the time to determine which dietary choices are best for their needs.  I find it amazing that research and statistics show that most health problems are related to poor quality diets and nutritional imbalances that most Americans still struggle to make this connection.

It is never too late to get your life back on track and feeling better.  Choosing to take control of our mindless snacking, our poor food choices and getting our fannies off the couch to exercise will have greater benefits than any pill you can receive from your doctor.  We all struggle to push ourselves to accomplish this and just see it as such a monumental task we never begin.  Beginning is ease but sticking with it is even more difficult.  Dependent on the part of the country you are from, weather and lighting conditions can add to the hibernation we all want to do in the winter months.

We are all ultimately responsible for creating the world we want to live in.  It is important to place a value on our lives and not only set goals for ourselves but to follow through on each small step to reach the milestones and eventually our goal be it weight loss or just getting healthy.  It is easier to enlist the support of those around you to help you when you need it most.  Exercising is easier with a partner and many times that simple motivation of not wanting to let others down helps us reach our goal of not letting ourselves down by giving up too easily.  Keep your eye on the targets and even if there are little set backs, get back on track as soon as possible.  Each day gets easier.