Getting Healthy

Through the looking glass

This picture reminds me of life through the looking glass.  I recall a time where I was young and could conquer the world.  I was active and loved to explore the outside world.  Where has that time gone?  I found myself last year being unable to walk much further than from my chair to the ladies room and back.  Every move brought great pain, cramping and weakness in my legs.  I used to get annoyed when I would come upon someone walking slowly and I was not able to get around them.  I could not understand why they would go that slow.  Yet here I was that person that was not able to move and feeling like the world had passed me by.

I finally found a physician that listened to me and after back surgery and a long recovery I am again walking like a normal person.  I am so grateful for the kindness that was given to me but then I looked in the mirror.  A couple years of not being very mobile really packed on the pounds.  Where do I begin to get this weight off.  I really could not bring myself to consider surgery again.  I researched all the options out in this world where obesity is becoming a norm.  I finally found a friend who had lost a large amount of weight and she coached me with the help of some products to finally begin my new journey.

I want to say that I have found it is possible to lose weight as you age and it is never too early to get healthy and prevent further health problems.  Obesity leads to diabetes, heart disease and even more disability than we can imagine.  I want to acknowledge that even as a nurse you need help at times.  It takes courage to begin and to stick with a plan.  I found my coach was great support.  I have lost ten inches off my waist and the walking is getting better as the weight comes off.  I plan on returning to Lake Geneva this summer to tour the things I was not able to see through the window on my visit in 2015.


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