Life in slow motion


Life catches us in many phases.  When we begin to realize we have slowed down, we tend to look back and wonder. Sitting inside at Lake Geneva a few months ago looking out a window made me reflect on where my career had taken me.  When I began nursing as my life choice I was eager to change how the world saw this profession.  I wanted to make a difference for patients and nurses.  Nurses needed to unite and work together encouraging each other to reach common goals for everyone.  After experiencing mentors who ate their young, I found myself confronting the word “why.”  I continue to ask that same question for patients who can’t seem to be heard or receive quality care. 
I found myself seeing my reflection in the window realizing I was not being able to go out on this beautiful day due to needing to speak about nurse options at a conference.  Advocating for change to find answers for the “why” I continue to ask.  Daydreaming of a perfect world outside this window was as misleading as the wind was brisk.


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