Boxed In

Aging brings challenges we never imagined…..and some we did.  I recall my grandmother at my age and I think about how she walked when we would go to the grocery store.  She always insisted on pushing the cart by leaning on it.  I now know why because I find myself doing this.  The reason she gave was it helped her back.  I realize there was more to it but her options were non existent. 

I also look at options we have today that could have made her life easier.  I see how my body has changed due to my inability to move comfortably like I used to.  Being a couch potato was not my vision however, realization that my body wont cooperate and my parts are wearing out has me looking back. 

Back to a younger age when I thought getting older wouldn’t happen to me.  Hahaha or is it lol?   So how does one age gracefully?  My suggestion is simple, keep questioning the things you don’t understand, throw caution to the wind so you don’t find yourself all boxed in, and never give up on helping others,  it takes your mind off of your own ill’s.


This sculpture gave me inspiration to write about aging.  I could do this pose when was younger but I wouldn’t even try today.  With age comes wisdom and I am so glad I have found. It. 



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