Memorial day….a time for remembering our father, brother or sister who fought to preserve our freedoms.  My memories are of an airman who came and went most of my life.  We moved from place to place as we followed his transfers.  He felt very strongly that he was doing his best to protect us.  Putting himself in harms way was to give us the dream.  We lived for when he came home to be with us.  He took us on tours on Armustus day so we could see the plane he was responsible for the mechanical workings.  Little did we know what else he was exposed to. 
Each day his honor and beliefs were tested.  The two wars he served in and twenty years served were his gift to us.  I made this wreath for his grave to show he is still my hero…and I miss you Dad.  Thank you for your service and for teaching me the tough lesson of listening to my heart.  I can always find you there to guide me. 


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