Week 12 Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

I am on the same wave length as Cee this week.  I see she posted a tree growing out of a fence.  I too share her curiosity with fences.  This one caught my eye as the signage on it made no sense to me.  It gave me reason to pause and chuckle as I read the sign saying Entrance only….Do not Enter!  It seems to be on the wrong side of the gate as I was inside a courtyard of a restaurant when I took this picture and the alley way is on the other side.  I am sure it was to keep the guests inside of the protected areas but  the two signs together are very confusing.  I guess this one can be chalked up to perception.

It was only after looking through the fence that I realized there was an alley behind the building where patrons were not to go.  Why I took the picture is probably because of the sign. Otherwise it is a rather dull gate meant to hide the view from the people visiting the restaurant.  I truly would be concerned if this was the delivery gait and this was in some parts of America.  I am sure it would not take some long to break it down.  I guess in this sleepy little town, the people must trust one another to honor the property of others as this gate looks old and weathered as if it has been there quite some time.

Kudos to the ambiance of this place and the residence of this area for watching out for each other.  I miss the fact that years ago this is all that would have been necessary to keep others out.  I find it amazing that this was still working in the year 2012.


One thought on “Week 12 Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Thanks ever so much for playing this week. 🙂


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