Life hands you lemons!

Many times in life we get handed things we are not sure we want.  The first time I tasted lemons I thought the same thing.  I have grown to love the taste of them and the value to health that they provide as time has gone by.  This being said, life circumstances are a lot like this story of lemons.  I have taken on jobs at first that I thought were nothing but sour lemons. It amazes me that every one of these lemons that I have embraced have turned out to become a blessing.  Much like these lemons from the Amafali Coast in Italy where there are groves of Lemons, they learned to make Lemoncella an excellent wine from this bright fruit that to some seemed to not be worth much.  I for one can attest that this is a fruit worth so much more.

I have recently found myself comparing my current project to these bright gems.  I have taken a  project on to promote a telephone triage department and mold it into the newest century by making changes that would meet the guides of the Affordable Care Act.  This law is exasperating at best but the truth is that with the increasing baby boomer population and the decline in the number of providers available to care for this aging population, this act leaves people wondering if anyone can help.  It it taking the same kind of creativity road that the lemons took.  It is a gamble to reach out and get grants to help make changes that might help.  It is a gamble to push forward with only small goals in mind only to find that the changes are beginning to show some worth.  Learning to work smarter with what we have and setting small goals have proven to bring greater rewards than I ever thought.

I am sure the gambles of the lemon in Italy was not an easy road to success and neither is anything we find ourselves doing that is out of our comfort zone.  Having the faith of a seed that can grow into beautiful things will falter from time to time.  Learning to not give up on your ideas too early is the real challenge.  Knowing it is alright to make some mistakes along the way but use those mistakes to improve processes, is all part of the bigger plan that we must not lose sight to see.  After all if a lemon can make it big then so can we all.  Enjoy the lemonade and the lemoncella, as life is sweet when you reach your goals.


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