Cee’s Weekly Wrap up “WPC walls”

Barcelona had many beautiful buildings and most had amazing art etched right into the sides of the buildings.  Unlike the walls of today that are built these were built with style and grace.  I loved the different colors on the buildings and I found it amazing that most were kept up nicely and so clean.  It was as if they were proud of their heritage and wanted to show off the beautiful treasures of the past.  I especially enjoyed the walls I saw in the City of Pompeii. The walls that were unearthed also had some beautiful paintings on them from the Roman era and the intricate buildings were breathtaking.  While in Europe I visited many buildings with true works of art that were done in tiles made to look like pictures and in Rome near the Vatican there was a tile work of the Colosseum.  I saw sculptures on the ends of buildings of dragons and cherubs.  It was amazing to me the detail in each that was so vivid and so well preserved.

I found my travels in Spain, Italy and France to be one of great beauty and charm.  The sidewalk cafes and the people were charming but I could not help but look up to see all the artful beauty of the statues that depicted life and the art everywhere.  The city that Gaudi began to build had intricate buildings, tile work and bridges that one could spend more than a day exploring.  I so long to go back and explore again and again because it would take many trips to see everything.  In my minds eye I will recall the wonders of the old world that is so missing here in the States.


2 thoughts on “Cee’s Weekly Wrap up “WPC walls”

  1. annepm2015 says:

    I enjoyed reading your posts and travels to Barcelona, Spain. 🙂

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