Life flying by

Have you ever been on a long trip and settle in to just watch out the window?  It gives one the illusion of everything flying by not only your life but it makes on begin to see things in the clouds and trees.  Blurring of the landscape and these clouds are like my life.  The past is much more blurry than the present.  The left side of the picture is less blurry and represents the present.  This picture could have been taken anywhere but was taken near my home last fall.  Life was definitely flying by the window.

Memories tend to be the same way.  We recall them as fleeting emotions that remind us of the good things in life.  Some memories are like the dying tree on the right that is bare and spiky.  Sort of the way bad memories tend to keep poking into our heads from time to time.  The blue sky and the white clouds remind me of all the things that come into my life and really have little meaning to me unless I choose for them to be.  The red tree, the white sky with the blue background remind me that most of memories are in the United States.

It is so much fun to just lay down and stare at the changing shapes that the clouds and sky spin before our eyes.  It can best be done on a blanket in the yard but I have memories of it in our pick up truck on a trip we took.  I’ve yet to see all the states but the sky looks totally different from area to area.  On a visit to Arizona I did not appreciate the clouds like we do in the northeast.  I have seen a haboob and that type of sandstorm comes across the plains like a summer rain or snow storm does here.  It eventually engulfs everything leaving everything covered.  Once it is gone the fresh air returns and the clean up begins.  Much like your mind you can close your eyes and when you open them, things are different.


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