Time spent with grandchildren can be so much fun.  Mine are no different they get bored easily if you don’t plan a project with them.  I hate to see them so engrossed in hand held devices when they can be doing something constructive or outside playing.  One weekend my granddaughter and I decided we were going to make our own non melting snowman.  We found some old cheese lids and some paint and began to work our magic.

Sponge painting can make things look so different from just painting the surface a solid color.  My granddaughter chose to paint the whole lids she used.  Since we were getting low on the paint we had I decided to sponge paint.  We took old buttons for the lower lid and other than a little imagination and some help from Grandpap who used zip ties to hold the two lids together, we made our own version of the snow man.

They were a great hit for the entire winter in my big window and I smile each time I drive by and see the smiling face shining back at me.  Next time you are bored, see what you can make from old things around your house.  Fun comes in many shapes and sizes.


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