Spreading your wings

Watching as life flies by we never realize how quickly time really does go by.  This picture of my grandson racing go carts a couple years ago reminds me that my vantage point through the fence captures but a second in time and when I blink it is gone.  I remember when he was born the mixed emotions around what some might have said was a disadvantage that would hold him back.  Oh yea of little faith, you forgot to tell him as nothing has held him back as you can see.  We realize that the only thing that holds us back is our own minds that believe what we live.

This amazing young man is flying high on life as he finishes up what little is left of his schooling.  He will have to soon decide what he will be when he grows up.  Seeing him reach out and try so many things that interest him I see that his learning and curiosity is still high.  He loves the outdoors and while he can do anything he chooses, he makes sure he cultivates his learning as he goes.  His perception of his grandparents is one of wanting to preserve what generations have given to him.  He learns how to hunt, fish, cultivate nature so that there is something to be left for the next generation.

It has been a pleasure to see him as he becomes a young man.  Kudos to him as he has learned the gentleness of his grandfather and the wisdom to keep trying when others say it is impossible.


Cee’s Which way challenge – Country roads!

Country roads have their share of signs.  In this photo I took last fall each corner we turned had more signs.  This picture shows how easy the little green signs that mark roads blend in during the summer and the lush green.  You still need to look real close to see the speed limit and the route signs.  So the real question, which way did she go?  Was the pull of the twisty road calling or the dirt road that leads to some more secluded place like a cabin call to you?  Either way the sunshine this time of year with our frigid cold makes the fall look like a welcome relief to the drab we currently must face.

This picture also reminds me of the endless traveling I have been doing lately that seems to never end.  I would certainly rather be here writing about it than traveling these roads snow covered and icy.  As I get older the cold realities of winter seem to get longer and longer even though we are in the shortest month of the year.

Days Gone Bye.

I took a moment to reflect on a shed that reminds me of days gone bye.  As a child my grandparents had an old outhouse until one summer when my family finally added a bathroom onto our house.  It was a time of washing clothes in a wringer washer outside on the porch no matter the weather year round.  I remember my dad and grandfather moving the building we once used to the hedgerow and filling in the hole that was left.  On the outside they put a red heart that said, “The heart of the home!”

It reminds me that the comforts we have today far outreach the winters we endured as children.  I also remember walking about a quarter mile to a bus stop to catch the school bus which took us to a one room school house and eventually to a three room school house that had an indoor bathroom.  Yes the one room school house had an outside wooden closet for our necessity visits.  To be sure we did not stay long in those day as we do today.  You might laugh at this but those of us who had to use these hearts of the home were really glad for indoor plumbing.

Tell these stories to your grandchildren and they look at you like you are one great storyteller or better yet full of………….

Well you get the idea.  Makes one wonder what the future holds for creature comforts.  Enjoy your chilly day and think about how greatfull we should all be.


Flowers give us the beauty of color and enjoyment of smell as we inhale their wonderful fragrance.  I have been astounded by the colors that are possible by just adding colored water to a white plant.  This bouquet is the essence of different colors.  I took this close up to discuss perspective.  The entire bouquet is made up of single flowers each unique it it’s own design. People are unique not only in design, likeness, abilities, mood, personality, health and illness but in our perspectives.  As in the flower people do not last forever.  We bloom and flourish for a while and then we begin to fade.

Having beauty is subjective just as having and illness  is a subjective experience.  Experiencing disease is like experiencing a plant that gets blight except humans can process the suffering from an illness and  define the symptoms they are experiencing.  It is the degree of the symptoms impact on the person as the medical community is not able to objectively  define the boundaries between normal variant or the cause of the symptoms.  Humans are more than their symptoms and experiences just as the flower is more than the colors, smells and life cycle.

Since there are seasons to life and change is inevitable,we must learn to keep our perspectives in the present.  Worry ages us fast and just living in the moment gives us time to shine for what this moment is.  Worry brings our moods down and depression can be the result.  Much like the flower experiencing low water it can hasten our decline if not treated as important.  We are all important and must learn to reach for help at times to keep our perspectives in line.  Know that asking for help is not a weakness it is like asking for water to a flower.  In order to bloom and thrive we must reach out for help.

Depression is an illness that we as humans fail to recognize as important.  We downplay the facts and shy away from the diagnosis due to the stigma of “what will people think of me.”  There are medical illnesses that can cause depression and by treating them many times the depression lifts.  Just like the wilting flower lifts after we give it water.  Since we can’t take the brain from the human, we must consider depression as a symptom that is treatable.  Having this perspective on depression and other mental illnesses helps the medical community to reach people, whose perspective is off, to obtain treatment.  My perspective is to give others hope that people care about them, want to encourage them to stick with treatment and raise them up at each change that is reached.

Like the flowers, enjoying life and others who bring color to our world is only through education, acceptance and caring.

“Photo a Week”

This is a view of the mountains where Cararra marble is harvested in Italy.  The picture looks like the mountains have snow on them in the background yet the trees are in full bloom.  I was fascinated by the vast area we traveled by on our way to a beach in Italy.  The grey mountains were majestic and beautiful and in this photo, the white of the marble sets a beautiful line and view.  Amazing what nature can make from dust and dirt.  This marble was in rows in areas near the docks where it would be shipped around the world for us all to use on counters.  This beautiful natural resource is harvested from the sides of the mountains in Cararra Italy and lives the world around.  Little do we think about the everyday materials in our homes gave me the most majestic view from my camera lens.

Fall fences

I want to freeze time to the fall in the northeast.  The temperature is moderate and the sunflowers seem to pop up everywhere.  My neighbor always has great ones that rise from her bird feeder and get dropped in her yard.  I captured her view from the road one day of her bright yellow faces searching for the sun.  With the background of old fashioned fences the view is like a postcard.

The flowers are like fading friendships as we grow older.  As I said goodbye to an old friend this week, I realize that our friendships are like these beautiful sunflowers reaching for the sun.  Our limited time gives us the opportunity to tell each other how much we enjoy their company and to make the most of the time by spending it together while the sun is still with us.  Taking the time to take a picture along the way for when we need to revisit a great memory in our life.

Take the time to visit friends often, tell them how much they mean to you and take a picture or two.  We never know when it will be our last visit making that memory that much more precious.  Now my friend is free to fly by in the fall and I will recall a time before we knew just how short our time together would be.

I see a rabbit–What do you see?

Have you ever stepped back and looked an object and said to yourself,” that looks like……”  I did this when I saw this tree.  To me it reminded me of the chocolate rabbits we see on Easter.  I guess I have a vivid imagination yet after my daughter saw my picture of this tree she didn’t think I was crazy.  I have watched this tree over the last forty years as it has changed and it now reminds me that not only do we get older and physically change in appearance but so do all the living things around us.

So tell me what you see…..a chocolate rabbit, a tree with a hole in it or something else?