Sun Worshiper

These pristine plants reach for the sky and vary from the real to the man made.  The fanning of the spikey leaves reach for the sky in a worship dance to the sun.  The sculptures of imagination in the two lighter green cacti in the picture stand as promises that there is beauty in even the desert.  The Botanical Gardens in Phoenix have called my name more than once.  On my first visit I trekked the trails alone finding beauty in every turn.  Even though some had flowers even the ones without the flowers were true works of God’s art.  The stark contrast of colors, the gentle warm to hot breeze seemed not to deter me from finding my way over every inch of this area.

There was a butterfly tent along the way and even wild critters scurrying by.  I got to see a roadrunner in the flesh and soon the hours had slipped away.  I rested and refreshed in the gift shop and restaurant only to be even more enlightened by the flavor of the foods.  On my next trip I took my mother and though I had to push her in a wheelchair to each area of these beautiful gardens, not one display looked the same.  Each season brings new life and new displays.  My mother enjoyed it as much as I and the food again was different and absolutely taste tantalizing.  We really had to force ourselves to leave as we went late in the day and after sunset this place takes on a whole different vibe and beauty.

What a great place to see life grow out of the parched earth and enjoy your time in Phoenix.  A true must see.


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