Longings for Phoenix

The cold really gets to my soul more now that I am finding myself getting older.  I came across a picture I took on my last visit to Phoenix and long to go back to the warmth and the flavor of foods that warm my soul.  We went to this great local restaurant that did great Mexican favorites and every view has so much for the eye to warm up to.  The sun peaking through like a checkerboard on the floor.  The trees providing shade that plays tricks on my mind.  The colors of the southwest and the art work that is evident right down to the shapes of the roof line.  The old west details mixed with the more modern decor.

I hear the warm air calling my name whispering, “come back, come back.”  The smell of the food wafting by my nostrils as the breeze passes from the kitchen to my nostrils……………mmmmmmmm.  The sweet sounds of laughter and chatter as people share their day and the warmth of friendship.  I spoke with some of my friends in Phoenix today and wish I could go there straight away.

I say just for a few days but know that if my obligations were less and my bank account were full enough, I would go and not come back to the east coast except in summer when the cold hides away and the sun is high.  It it s a dream of mine to retire here yet I seem to not be able to let myself go and make this dream a reality.  So for now I must enjoy my pictures and talk with my friends to keep the whispers of the southwest fresh in my mind.  Hurry up Lottery, make me a big winner so I can live my dream before it is too late.


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