Pump it up!

I so am enjoying the pictures of the flowers I took last summer.  My oldest daughter decided to protect her well casing by building up a planter and adding an old pump from a family member.  While the white in this picture reminds me of snow the pump reminds me that without pumping it up years ago water was a labor to obtain.  I remember a pump like this on on the sink in my grandmothers kitchen and I loved the cool fresh water it provided.  She would have us pump pans full so the water could be heated on the old cook stove for doing dishes or bathing.  I vividly remember her putting an old metal tub in the center of the kitchen and bringing out a screen so that we could bathe.  Years later my grandfather finished building the inside bathroom on the house and we no longer needed the old hand pump as he put an electric pump on the well that brought us into the world of indoor plumbing.

This memory is one that my children and grandchildren found hard to understand.  They have never had to carry water in a bucket from the creek to the house and so the pump in this picture would not really have sparked the images it did for me.  I used to think that my own grandmother must have seen some unbelievable changes in her day since she was born in 1910 and died in 2001.  It made me realize seeing this picture that time has pumped up some awesome changes that I never thought would be possible in my years on this earth.  So pump it up everyone, how many changes have you seen in your lifetime?  Share a picture that brings back vivid memories for you and share with us.


One thought on “Pump it up!

  1. Rika says:

    What a great blog !
    I enjoyed reading ! I’d be very pleased to read your new posts soon enough!
    Much Love

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