Days Gone Bye.

I took a moment to reflect on a shed that reminds me of days gone bye.  As a child my grandparents had an old outhouse until one summer when my family finally added a bathroom onto our house.  It was a time of washing clothes in a wringer washer outside on the porch no matter the weather year round.  I remember my dad and grandfather moving the building we once used to the hedgerow and filling in the hole that was left.  On the outside they put a red heart that said, “The heart of the home!”

It reminds me that the comforts we have today far outreach the winters we endured as children.  I also remember walking about a quarter mile to a bus stop to catch the school bus which took us to a one room school house and eventually to a three room school house that had an indoor bathroom.  Yes the one room school house had an outside wooden closet for our necessity visits.  To be sure we did not stay long in those day as we do today.  You might laugh at this but those of us who had to use these hearts of the home were really glad for indoor plumbing.

Tell these stories to your grandchildren and they look at you like you are one great storyteller or better yet full of………….

Well you get the idea.  Makes one wonder what the future holds for creature comforts.  Enjoy your chilly day and think about how greatfull we should all be.


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