In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

I have been to the edge and back many times of saying enough is enough.  I think we all have.  We are truly a throw away society as we walk away easily from anything hard.  Our great USA was built on returning again and again to the hard things in life until we reached our goals.  Learning from our mistakes and trying something else that might work is the mother of invention and ingenuity.  We need to teach our young this concept that anything worth having is worth working at.  Family is one great example.  How many times do you see in the news stories about anger, killing and violence against the very people we swore we loved?  I dare say many however we rarely see the family that works through the disappointments and learns to not only adapt but grow stronger in their bonds of love and caring.

Next time you think enough is enough, take a walk and look within yourself.  Ask yourself, “what part of me is not willing to compromise?”  We need to ask ourselves why are we not able to accept our differences and find the common ground we can compromise on and work from there?  I have walked away from many jobs when I was younger due to my unwillingness to compromise my values and morals.  I was not able to affect change and had exhausted all the resources I could find.  Now I find myself staying and trying to be a change agent.  I still have the same values and morals, however I find that stepping back, looking through the eyes of others and working on the common ground is more effective in  moving towards our common goal.  This came from challenging myself to see life and issues with open eyes and heart.  Can you take the selfish out of your why and put the needs of other first?

Enough is never enough!


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