Mid Summer Moon

While looking through some of my pictures of last summer I came upon some beautiful moon pictures that I just love.  I was not sure they would come out as I hung out my window to snap them.  The moon seemed so close that night I felt it was just above the trees around my house.  I grabbed my camera and began to shoot the pictures as the light from the moon danced off the clouds and left hues of purple, green, grey, yellow and white.  It can almost be compared to the Northern Lights even though we are very far away from there.  I had never taken pictures at night that came out quite like these.  I am fascinated by this moon and hope that all of you enjoy it as much as I did.

Looking back on all the great pictures from last summer and fall helps me to make it through the greys and darker days of winter where I live.  We get little sunlight but today was bright at times and the sun warmed my soul as I got a day off to enjoy it.  Memories of that warmth led me in search of some special pictures to share.  As my body tells me I must slow down I have come to appreciate some of the sights that got by me when I was younger and in a hurry.  I seem to have found something that helps me share my experiences in the photos I have taken.  It took me a long time to go back to college and when I needed an art to complete my degree, photography not only called my name but became my new best friend.


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